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by Kane at 6:02 AM
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No other changes. I would have done this sooner if I knew 1.5.1 could not connect to 1.5.2. I know originally was suppose to but I guess Mojang never went with it or changed something.

If you run into any issues let me know. Also you might be seeing a lot more guests just trying out their connection on the build server ;)
by Kane at 5:18 AM
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Hello everyone and welcome to our new Revamped Guild Wars 2 Thread! Godcraft is almost 3 years old this September and we like to grow our community out more then just Minecraft and so a few of us got talking on Teamspeak and decided to give Guild Wars 2 a go and its becoming a success that is catching on really fast with the community!

Guild Wars 2 Information:
Name: Kane.1978
Server Name: Jade Quarry
Character Name: Cheap
Class: Guardian
Clan: Godcraft (GC)

Guild Wars 2 defines the future of online roleplaying games with action-oriented combat, customized personal storylines, epic dynamic events, world-class PvP, and no subscription fees!

Guild Wars 2 brings in new things that has never been brought into a MMORPG before and really changes what MMORPG are really about. Trust me if you are a person that might of not like MMORPG's or a person who got sick of MMORPG's then Guild Wars 2 might be for you. There is really nothing like it and we feel that you should check out some the videos below!

Here are some Good Videos and Links:

Great Links:
Kane: Kane.1978
Andy: Andy.4392
Agility: Agility.3259
Benner: bennerkaj.9345
Fugner: Fugner.9130
Jynke: Jynke.8034
Sweigart: Sweigart.2640
Fauxiss: fauxiss.8590
Quinntao: Quinntao:7906
Neoxide: Neoxide.2057
Nhoj: nhoj.6845
GTA4rox08: gta.5120
by Kane at 3:24 PM
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My good friend Andy is at least attempting to play Minecraft. He is pretty much a 100% newbie I would say the most he has ever done was make a wooden house in the past I don't even think he has ever smelted iron and made a iron pick in the past. Some reason he wanted the challenge of playing on our modded server so here is his Let's Play Series. Hopefully you will encourage him to keep going with comments and thumbs up!