1. Hey Guest! We just wanted to let you know our new website is http://stonelegion.com and our new YouTube channel is http://youtube.com/stonelegionvideos Godcraft had lasted well over 3 years and became one of top servers in the world. We had decided overtime to start fresh with a new Site & Name but also change our ways. In the past Godcraft cost a small fee to play where Stone Legion is %100 free! So please check out http://stonelegion.com and hope to see you soon!
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    more digging
    Post by: Illmath, Jun 15, 2013 in forum: [BS] - Projects
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    more flatting
    Post by: Illmath, Jun 9, 2013 in forum: [BS] - Projects
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    this is my territory
    Post by: Illmath, Jun 5, 2013 in forum: [BS] - Projects
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    vip 1

    I've just paid for vip 1 When will i be upgraded?
    Thread by: Illmath, May 30, 2013, 0 replies, in forum: [BS] - General Talk