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p>In-Game Rules

Read the following; Understand the following; Obey the following; Failure to do so could result in a temporary or permanent ban.

There are four sections of rules:
1. Moderator and Player Interaction
2. Code of Conduct
3. Building/Community/Chat Guidelines
4. Minecart Rules/Guidelines

Notice: This is NOT your server; You do NOT own this server; You are merely contributing.

---Moderator and Player Interaction---

1. Moderators are the judge, jury and executioner; there is no if, and or but about this.
2. A moderators word if final, what they decree should immediately be taken care of.
3. Do NOT disrespect moderators.
4. Do NOT fight with moderators, especially if it is not regarding you.
5. Do NOT talk bad about moderators.
6. Do NOT impersonate any moderator.
7. Do NOT post on a ban thread if it doesn't involve you. You WILL be banned for 24 hours.

-If you have an issue with a moderator or their decision, ask for another moderator or bring the discussion to the forum and to Sniper3.
-Kane is to NOT be disturbed in matters regarding the moderators.
-Disrespecting moderators is disrespecting Kane, and Sniper3.
-Moderators were chosen by Sniper3.

---Code of Conduct----

1.Absolutely NO hacks/cheats of ANY kind.
2.Absolutely NO duping.
3.Absolutely NO modifying the minecraft.jar for personal benefit.
3.Absolutely NO grief of any kind.
4.Absolutely NO stealing.
5.Absolutely NO opening any chest that isn't yours, without explicit permission from the owner of said chest.
6.Absolutely NO bothering Kane; His name is red in-game.
7.Do not harass or disrespect members.
8.Do not trespass anywhere; no leaping walls; no going under walls; no breaking through walls; this includes player houses. (Walls can be as simple as torches.)
9.Do not trespass anywhere continued; Ask for permission, if the player isn't there, you do not have permission.
10.Do not speak in any other language but English; Moderators can't help you if they don't understand you.
11.Do not break in-game community rules; Many towns have specific rules, you are expected to follow them as well.
12.Do not argue in global chat; take it to the forum or personal messages (The "/m name text" command).
13.Do not create pixel art outside of a walled community or house.
14.Should a problem, concern or question arise, consult a moderator or post on the support thread.
15.Should you have a problem with a player, consult a moderatorr.
16.Should you have a problem with a moderator, consult Sniper3; Do NOT bother Kane with moderator issues.

Building/Community/Chat Guidelines

Notice: We are not a hardcore RP server; You don't have to ask things like "Dear Lord of Some-Town, may I become a Knight?". We just have simple creativity laws.

1. No flying fortresses; Any flying building MUST be supported and look reasonable, or have a reasonable reason for floating. (Propellers, ect.)
2. Absolutely NO blinking red-stone lights or red-stone circuits that compute without player interaction. (Clocks are not allowed)
3. No one block wide towers; These are considered grief and therefore punishable.
4. Make a road; Popular areas should be linked to roads.
5. Make your buildings look reasonable. We're looking for more medieval age constructions than 21st century buildings.
6. If you are going to build near someones construction or wall, ask permission, you may be forced to tear down yours if you don't.
7. All large buildings/communities (200*200 blocks) must be built at least 2000 blocks away from spawn. Also, try to avoid potential future border conflicts with neighboring towns/communities. (See Rule 6.)
8. Private communities may be fenced in and have a gate where information and special community rules/news can be found.
9.Entering a walled/fenced/marked area without permission from the owner of the land is not allowed; unless specified otherwise by a sign clearly stating visitors are welcome.
10.Do NOT swear exesivly. No "QQ-ing". Also don't mention inappropriate words/websites in chat. This could follow in a ban or mute.
11.If your having a private conversation with another person please go into PM (Private message)--The new chat is /m name message. THIS IS NOT PERSISTANT! To respond quickly, type /r message.
12.Do NOT randomly put locked chests on land. This is considered greiving and will result in a ban.
13.Do NOT greif the forums or the wiki (putting false information on the wiki)
14.Do NOT build within 200 blocks from spawn without Mod/Admin permission first!

Minecart Rules/Guidelines

1. Friction boosters are NOT allowed; a mine-cart propelled by another mine-cart.
2. Try to keep mine-cart track and station designs simple, it deteriorates performance of the server.
3. Only use mine-carts at stations, do not "randomly" place a mine-cart and continue down a track.
4. Do not exit or warp out of a moving mine-cart; these will clog the tracks.
5. Do not spam mine-cart station buttons, always wait 30+ seconds before pressing the button again.
6.Do not connect to any tracks or stations on the main subway grid. Each station will have specific rules.


Nether World Rules/Guidelines
All General rules apply in addition to these addictions and subtractions:
- No penis towers to glowstone. All blocks must be cleaned up.
- No pushing each other off of areas. No Lava griefing. No Dragging mobs to other players.
- No digging from the subway stations into the nether. Expansion of nether subway tunnels can be continued with permission from either Sniper3 or ElectroBot4. Access to the nether surface can be through the use of lifts located at each 500/1000 station or by the use of private subway terminals currently only located at the spawn station [future terminals planned].
- Try to make any "roads" from nether island to island look reasonable.


Trade 2.0 Rules/Guidelines

1. Do Not use trade for anything other then trading. This means you may trade using the automated sign system with chests or the old fashion way with dirt on top of the chest. Casino's, Rollercoasters, Zoo's, etc are not allowed.
2. You may not have a VIP Member create or setup a Auto ChestShop system for you. This is a VIP Award that helps pay for Godcraft. You are only promoting people from signing up for VIP Services.
3. Follow these guidelines also located .:HERE:.


Redstone, Dispensers, Pistons Rules/Guidelines

1. Do Not create infinite loops.
2. Do Not create pulsars.
3. Do Not create clocks.
4. Do Not create complex lava/water flowing piston controlled designs. Flow of 3-4 blocks is understandable but down a hill or flooding a whole room is unacceptable on Godcraft.

For any and all information you are not sure about, private message a moderator, that'd be more than happy to help sort things out. They're there for a reason.

"It's better to ask a stupid question than make a stupid mistake."

Also please note that things can change anytime. Plugins break or plugins get removed for many reasons. This is part of Minecraft and bugs will happen and no matter if you are a regular player or a VIP member. You are not buying for certain things you are buying for a package. These packages and features will expand overtime but sometimes they might also have things removed from them. Please don't rage quit over silly things like this. We try our best to make everyone happy and to keep supporting Godcraft.

Feb 4, 2011
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