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A GodCrafter's Guide to IC Agriculture

Discussion in '[IC] - General Talk' started by jcoolkatzerg, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. jcoolkatzerg

    jcoolkatzerg Whitelisted Player

    In building the GC City's dye farm, I have realize that I am (almost) the only person that has really experimented with the agriculture system in IC. To prevent the flood of questions, this is my guide to IC agriculture.

    Plants are for babies, why should I invest my precious time into this?

    First of all, of all the mods I have tried and tested, this is the one that has frustrated me the most. Breeding new plants is a complex and annoying process, requiring time, energy, and the ability to resist overloading a nuclear reactor in the middle of your field in frustration. This can be a great thing to do while idling, or perhaps you are just looking for a new direction to take in the IC/BC server. Whatever your reason is, the rewards can be substantial.

    See those brown plants? That's cocoa, which means COOOOOOOKIES!! ME WANT COOKIES!!! RAWR!

    What can I get from plants?

    As of the current server version, you can make.....
    • Dyes: cyan, red, yellow, purple, brown (cocoa), and black (ink sacs).
    • Better wheat, reeds, pumpkins, and melons.
    • Resin without having to tap trees.
    • Ore-based materials: redstone dust, gold nuggets, and iron dust.
    Iron dust? Gold nuggets? Seriously?!?!


    Great! How do I get started?
    1. Clear a large area. You will need room to experiment.
    2. Gather some reeds, wheat seeds, melon seeds, and pumpkin seeds. These are your starting plants, and with lots of time, you can breed them into new crops!
    3. Make a seed analyzer and a charged energy crystal to power it. (http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/index.php?title=Cropnalyzer)
    4. Make an experimental field by making farm land with a hoe around a water block.
    5. Make some crop sticks (http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/index.php?title=Crops)
    6. Place a crop stick on the N, S, E, and W farm land.
    7. Plant your seeds/reeds/whatever on you new crop sticks! Note: by default, right click = place/harvest a crop; left click = remove a crop
    8. Wait for them to grow. This will take some time...
    9. Crossbreeding time! On every corner plot, place two crop sticks to make a crossbreeding sticks.
    10. Remove any weeds that grow (See the section on this) and replace the cross breading sticks
    11. Expand your farm and keep crossing things! It'll happen.... one day....
    Your breeding plot should look like this:

    X P X
    P W P
    X P X

    Where P=plant, W=water block, and X=crossbreeding sticks. This isn't the only way to experiment, just the one that works for me!

    I've got a new crop! Now what?
    1. Don't remove it just yet! Try to breed duplicates on ether side of it. Sometimes when you remove a crop, you may not get a seed bag back. By keeping your new found plant alive and breeding it with other plants, you are more likely to breed more of the same new plant.
    2. Remove your duplicate plants and pray to Odin for a seed bag.
    3. Put the seed bag, energy crystal, and your analyzer in your hot bar. With the analyzer in your hand, right click on the ground to open it.
    4. Load in your energy crystal into the "power" slot.
    5. Place your seed bag into the leftmost slot. The analyzer will read your bag, and give you a name.
    6. Repeat up to three more times for additional information. The last time you "read" the bag, it will drain a ton of energy, and tell you the stats about the plant. Each plant is different!
    Stats? Plants have Stats...? Like in Warcraft....?

    Ignore the IC coins... it's from a preview release before seed bags where fully implemented.

    All seed bag plants have three stats: Gain, Growth, and Resistance. The higher the gain, the more likely you are to increase your harvest. I have pumpkin plants that regularly spit out 5 pumpkins per plant! This is somewhat random, but hey, it's way better than the vanilla pumpkins.

    Growth is the rate of growth. This is useful because plants with a high growth will "grow back" after harvesting much faster. Remember, right click to harvest, not left click! Left click is only if you want to remove the whole plant!

    A high resistance means that your plant is less likely to be killed by weeds that pop up. There is a trade off: the higher the resistance, the less likely the plant will crossbreed.

    Weeds? I have to weed my garden like real life?!

    Yea, you do. Memorize what the growth stages of weeds look like so you can remove them ASAP. Weeds will only grow on crop sticks without a plant on them. Pro tip: This includes cross breading sticks! Weeds will spread all around and kill everything they find if you leave them alone. All your hard work can poof in a few minutes if you do not micromanage your breeding farm.

    That middle plant is a weed... PUNCH IT! PUNCH IT NOW! GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!!

    Here is a weed in the Sphax texture pack.

    This is too hard! Waaaaaaaa!!!11111

    I told you, this is not easy. More tips:
    • Open view to the sky - Glass is fine, but make sure the plants can see the sun directly overhead
    • EXCEPTION: I have read that redwheat requires a low light level, something less than 9 or 10. As I have not yet successfully grown one of these plants, I do not know for sure.
    • Good air quality - Some biomes a better than others for some plants. According to some forum people, the swamp seems to be the best, but I don't have enough data myself. Also, according to the author of the mod, 40% of the air quality rating is related to the height above the world. The higher, the better.
    • Special blocks for special plants - Ferru (the iron plant) and Aurelia (the gold plant) require their respective ores directly under the farm block the plant is sitting on. From top to bottom: Crop - Tilled Soil - Ore block. They only need this for the last stage of growth; it is not needed for initial breeding.
    • Fertilizer/hydration - So far, I have not needed to use any sort of fertilization or hydration cells on any plant when breeding. Since Kane has banned recyclers, you can replace IC fertilizer with regular old bone meal if you wish to experiment.
    • If you are going to walk away/log off, remove all empty sticks. This will keep the weeds from popping up, and killing everything
    • Keep critters away from your crops. If you or any other thing walks on your crops, they may die. If they die, they will leave empty crop sticks, leading to weeds and the death of your whole farm.
    • If you have to walk on your plants, sneak! If you just normal walk, you will kill your plants, even though Kane has disabled this problem for vanilla crops, IC crops are still affected.
    • Wanna re-check a seed bag that you already ran through the analyzer? Just put it in the middle slot, and it will tell you the stats without sapping more energy from your crystal.
    What plants are there?

    Look at this picture for the growth sequence for plants. It's not fully accurate, but close enough (Sticky Reeds have a second-to-last growth stage that looks exactly like regular reeds).


    Could I get a bit of a boost? You know, a head start?

    Sure! I have a limited surplus of advanced plants, and will be happy to donante if you are serious about this. So far, I and other GodCrafters have made every plant except two ore plants (aurelia, and redwheat). I am more than happy to sell you whatever I have to get you started, just ask in game! :)

    Good luck, and according to the IC developer, the next release will include even more crops, including hops and grapes! Can you say BEER?! :D

    Post Change Log
    Mar. 29 - Added picture of weeds, minor grammar updates
  2. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Sweet! Keep it up!
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  3. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

  4. AHornyCreeper

    AHornyCreeper Whitelisted Player

  5. jcoolkatzerg

    jcoolkatzerg Whitelisted Player

    A round of applause to Skreewy, the first Godcrafter to grow his own iron! Still on the list of plants to find: Aurelia and Redwheat!
  6. jcoolkatzerg

    jcoolkatzerg Whitelisted Player

  7. Ronnie1717

    Ronnie1717 Whitelisted Player

    woooo party at Skreewy's!
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  8. customchris

    customchris Whitelisted Player

    I got red wheat YAY
  9. kingcam2

    kingcam2 Whitelisted Player

    I am try this for my first time, yea
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  10. kjetil1000

    kjetil1000 New Member

    What can i do with a Terra wart?
  11. Raneados

    Raneados Whitelisted Player

    I'm also starting in on this

    the new bug about even crouch destroying plants is super bad times
  12. adhdking

    adhdking New Member

    I have a question, now to get the seed backs i have to destroy the hybrid or plant? or can i just harvest?
  13. thaile4ever

    thaile4ever Whitelisted Player

    You have to destroy most... Although some like netherwart and cocoa you can plant what you harvest.
  14. adhdking

    adhdking New Member

    oh a another quesiton, i saw that you can make rum, is that true?
  15. thaile4ever

    thaile4ever Whitelisted Player

    Rum easy. Just stick reeds in a booze barrel and let ferment for at least 2 hours RL time. Less and you're likely to kill yourself.

    I been gathering notes on putting a better guide out soon.
  16. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    This is a super in depth and useful tutorial. due to it's indepth writing style and your ability to explain some of the basic processes to even the most basic of members this will be slightly altered and added to the NEW WIKI (yet to be released) if you would like to write the wiki pages yourself please contact me or togeh to help you and explain some of the styles. if you would not then don't PM us. you will be credited for your work however.
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  17. jcoolkatzerg

    jcoolkatzerg Whitelisted Player

    I'm honored and I'd love to help you guys out. Unfortunately, I am out of town at the moment on a field study and I can't dedicate the 100% to this that Godcraft deserves. That said, I'd love to be able to give help when/where I can... I'll have some random downtimes in the next few days, mostly a couple hours here or there. Perhaps I can be an additional editor/contributor? Let me know! :D

    I know it needs to have the growth guide updated, new plants added in, and something about booze too.
    Kane likes this.
  18. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    any help would be appreciated and ue to the high amount of information we're putting into the wiki it's a couple of weeks of work. you've got more than enough time to assist however you wish/
  19. thaile4ever

    thaile4ever Whitelisted Player

    Here some more detailed info.

    4 Environmental Factors that effect Growing Conditions:

    Humidity: This is mainly base on the water storage level of the plant, but get's a small modifier base of biome.

    Nutrients: Base mainly on the Nutrients storage level of the plant. The number of dirt blocks below the tilled block (max 3) + a small modifier base on biome.

    Air Quality: Rated on a scale of 10. 2 points for open view of the sky. 1 point for every 2 free space around the plant and 1 point for every 15 blocks above 79 to 124. Anything about 124 gets 4 points only.

    Light Level: Only applies to some plants like Redwheat that needs a light level between 5-10

    The best biomes to grow plants in are: Swamp, then Jungle and mushrooms. Deserts are the worse.

    3 Plant stats and their effects.

    Growth: Increases the speed at which a crop grows and increases chance of initialization crossbreeding. Negative is that it promotes weed growth in surrounding plants. High growth plants needs to be watch carefully or separated from the rest.

    Gain: Increases the yield when harvesting a crop.

    Resistance: Lowers the chances of weed forming and the trampling of plants, but also lowers the chance of crossbreeding.

    Stats for plants max out at 31 for all stats.


    Hydration Can: Made from extracting a coolant cell, Hydration can add to the water storage of a plant.

    Fertilizer: Made with scape and bonemeal, maxes out the nutrition storage of the crop. Using just bone meal you can increase the nutrient storage of the plant, but only up to 75%.

    Weed-Ex: Prevents weeds from growing on applied crop or plants. Overuse of weed-ex has a 20% or randomly reducing one of the plants stats. Basically applying it once to newly place crops or when a weed is seen is fine.

    Crossbreeding - We'll expand on the crossbreeding mechanics later.
  20. thaile4ever

    thaile4ever Whitelisted Player

    Expansion on Environmental Conditions...

    Internally the game adds the result of the Humidity, Nutrients, Air Quality with some other factors to come up with a "Present" environmental value

    Next it take and Crop Tier and Stats to come up with a "Needed" environmental value.

    If the Present value is less then the Needed value the plant does not grow.

    If the Present value is Greater then the Needed value, then the plant gets a boost to growth base on just how much more the Present value is to the Needed.

    The system is setup so that you can start to grow any of the crops anywhere as long as you water and fertilize them, but need to optimize the environmental conditions if you want to get to high stats plants.

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