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A Godcraftian's Guide To Building- How Can I Become A Great Builder?! :S [Compilation Thread]

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by aliparpar, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    So here I am writing this as I'm bored enough to do so :) Read , Learn and Enjoy .These are all I could gather by surfing the web trying to learn more about building skills.

    Content :
    Building in minecraft is not as easy as or as hard as it looks to some people. Think of it as an university module. You need to allocate time for your building skills and BUILD! Build! build!

    Remember many of current great minecraft builders have been playing minecraft for a year now and not just survival but most of it in creative mode. So don't lose hope if you're not good at building or you have just started playing minecraft.

    Firstly we need to have these tools installed. Here is the list of them :

    Minecraft 3D Design
    • MCEDIT - Loading minecraft worlds, Easy designing! Copy pasting templates ETC! Replacing blocks.Loading Schematics.
    • PLOTZ - Online Planner! Great for the minecraft building templates it provide. And their blueprints. Great for planning building bases.
    Base / Outline Design
    • MICROSOFT PAINT - THE most Basic but USEFUL tool you will need to design base of your building!
    • PAINT.NET - Advanced version of Paint
    • GIMP - PROBABLY the best base design and shape design Programme.
    • Minecraft Structure Planner - Designing buildings layer by layer , Generating building templase and Shapes of your desire easily!

    STEP ONE : Decide what you want to build

    There are some simple basics for building a great building . First you need to decide what you want to build.Remember if you want your build to put great impact on other players . You need to think out of the box. This means no CUBIC buildings. Try to add curvatures and different blocks in your buildings. Don't use simple bases for you buildings. Pick a good idea for your build . Like from a game concept .
    Is it gonna be a :
    • Building
    • Ship
    • Spaceship
    • Statue
    • Monument
    • Redstone Creation
    • etc
    Then try to make them more specific . IF you're building a building , what kind of building (House,Bank,Church,Cathedral,etc) or if it's a ship try to think what kind of ship(Modern,Yacht,Medieval Boat,Fantasy,Steampunk,Etc)

    STEP TWO : Choose your style and biome

    Then you need to decide what kind of style you are going to use for it and stick to it! Note that each style needs to be built in its correct biome for the most effective show. Evil styles can be like built in dessert for the best impact .So decide : Is it gonna be a
    • Dessert Style
    • Jungle Style
    • Snowy Style
    • Modern Style
    • Evil style/Nether Style
    • etc
    STEP THREE : Choose your blocks

    You have decided your general theme? Good!
    After that , You need to find a good location for your build and then decide what types of blocks are you going to use.
    For example, If you're making a nether building you will probably need to use nether bricks,lava,obsidian,sandstone,soul sandand glowstone(Not necessarily netherrack for the bad look of it) .
    Or if you're building a jungle building you will probably need to use wood,Glowstone,Water,glass, etc
    Both are not very good examples but you've got the idea :) Use the blocks that have similar colours or are 100% exactly in opposite colors. Like sandstone and red Pine(Redwood) logs!
    Ok now we go to technical stuff . So listen carefully from here . I'm going to show you how I build a building.

    STEP ONE : Drawing Your Base , Plan your design
    So you've decided you want to build a Stone Castle. But where to start. You need to design your building's base. The more complicated it is , the better IMO.​
    MS PAINT and Gimp are your true friends here .​
    Here is a video to show you how :​
    Minecraft Tutorial - How to plan a great structure
    Here is How I've done it at my near spawn mansion on the server :​
    Here I found two great tutorials that I URGE you to read. They provide really crucial information on how you can improve your buildings. Then try to do them on creative mode and keep testing .​
    First step is to learn how to use GOLDEN RATIO in your buildings :​
    Actual Tutorial on Voxelbox wiki​
    Elites of Minecraft: The Architect on Voxelbox wiki​
    The next step is to learn how to use off Axis Building :​
    Actual Tutorial :​
    ODD NUMBERS AND Fibonacci Sequence
    HERE is another great guide I found on PMC. :​
    What I Think Makes A Great Builder By Mcholypotato​

    The next step would be to finish your roof. AVOID flat roofs! try to add shapes to them . USE MinecraftStructure planner as it provides shapes to build your roof that can be useful:​
    Structure Planner Video 1: The Basics
    Structure Planner Video 2: Release 0.99.7 Features
    THE next programme useful is online programme PLOTZ​
    you can find out more about it here :​
    Also Watch some youtube tutorials :​
    Good example of roof design My camelot mansion .​
    STEP FOUR : Interior Design
    Ok Now you have finished your building. But ! It's empty now . Time for Interior Design.
    Interior design can be complicated as well. Try to explore Country Gardens or Camelot for the best interior designs.
    Check out this thread on Minecraft forums for a good interior design ideas :
    Again watching lots of youtube videos would help. This video features some designs from Doublnum and Spectorcody :
    Building With Starbursts Ep. 9 - Interior Design

    Here is a good example of interior design at my house near spawn by confuzzledyma :



    Another good example Can be my Mansion in Camlot . I've put really good amount of time into my interior design in this mansion . Tried to be creative as possible.
    Check my Camlot Mansion's Thread Here :


    I also found this room somewhere else that looks really good :


    Also Pattern Designs on floors are great :


    FINAL STEP : Finishing Touch , Adding Story , Adding Pathways
    This step is one of the most important steps. Imagine someone visiting your building. Try to make your building look unique by adding finishing touches and adding a story to it. Place signs for explorers and make their experience unique when they visit your building.



    Here is a good example :


    My example again I'm gonna use my Camelot's mansion . I've added a vault with a prize room inside it. Explorers need to find several clues in order to access my vault. With the help of Quizzbee I've managed to make this possible .



    And finally Here are some Great unique Builds in my opinion to finish this tutorial . These buildings would have not been possible without the help of programmes and tricks I mentioned above . So remember these tips :

    • I Recommend you to watch MANY MINECRAFT TIMELAPSES. They will give you an idea on how things are being built.
    • Also, try to learn as much as you can about the programmes I've mentioned above.
    • Try to avoid Cobble stone buildings!
    • Try to use at least more than 5 different blocks in your buildings
    • Avoid building Cubes , Empty circles...etc
    • Try adding different shapes to your buildings
    • One good way to improve your building skills is to try and replicate an already built great building in minercaft. Pick someone who you think is a great designer and try to replicate his building for your own. This way you will practically learn how blocks are placed next to each other to make that building possible. Exactly , something like how pixels come close together to build a picture or frame :)

    <3 You all
  2. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    I knew you would include Featherblade's videos for this ;)
  3. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    A few things I try to incorporate in my recent designs:

    1. Already mentioned, but use odd numbers.
    2. Detail and variety. Stairs and halfslabs are your friends. Patterns are great.
    3. Backlight anything you can get away with. Works best from a large distance.

    4. For a damaged look, build it intact then break it. Try to visualize the damage that has happened (a cannon ball hitting it for example) and/or where the broken material would fall or fly to.

    5. Make other people do the hard stuff. ( Bodydrag Jokers2 flupperz )
  4. Chadosidy

    Chadosidy Whitelisted Player

    This should be pinned. :D
  5. Collinopolis

    Collinopolis Whitelisted Player

    aliparpar- King of long threads -_-
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  6. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    Believe me Building in Minecraft is a university module :/
  7. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    some more tips:
    Minecraft structure planner is your friend. if your bored at uni school etc (i know i get bored) sit and design some stuff in your spare time it'll get the creative juices flowing and you'll find that you can begin tosee shapes and designs you like the most coming through in your builds.
    ODD NUMBERS - i dislike most buildings with even numbers when its on a small scale it makes things seem off centre especially doors etc. and you need to remember minecraft doesnt do half vertical blocks.
    Floor designs as well, a plain floor can ruin a build
    if your not sure about a design mock it up on either electro's server or your own or even a single player map. however if you want to then build tht on the main world please dont log in and out constantly, take screenshots and use them for refference.
    NAME YOUR BUILDINGS AFTER YOU BUILD IT - i see and hear people trying to come up for names of things they've only half built all the time and then they go ahead and build it and the name doesnt fit (e.g. building a medieval town and it having a modern name or vice versa)
    finally - make sure you have at least a quarter of the materials you need before you start otherwise you'll get halfway through go and get more materials for a week and it sits there looking ugly and commonly gets abandoned
  8. GTA4rox08

    GTA4rox08 Whitelisted Player

    This guide is quite usefull and has some great tips. It will be beineficial to people who read it.
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