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All kinds of connection issues

Discussion in '[BS] - General Talk' started by Dearnen, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. Dearnen

    Dearnen Whitelisted Player

    For the last few hours I've been fighting rampant disconnection issues with the server. The game has given a variety of reasons for the disconnects, and nothing seems consistent. Meanwhile, attempting to open my inventory began crashing the game (only in multiplayer mode), and now just trying to connect to the godcraft server is crashing the game (after a momentary pause when the screen says, "downloading terrain"). I've deleted and redownloaded the game to no avail. Do any of these issues sound familiar to anyone else? Any thoughts?
  2. Danny

    Danny Whitelisted Player

    Is this the only MP server you play? If not, does the same thing happen on other MP servers? If yes, perhaps you could try another MP server and see if the same thing happens there.

    If it does it's most likely something else than our server.
  3. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    open up cmd in windows usually you can type it in start menu.

    try the following commands and paste them in a

    ping s1.godcraft.com


    tracert s1.godcraft.com
  4. drewtherummer

    drewtherummer Whitelisted Player

    I'm having an issue where i start to connect and then log into the godcraft server. then the message that displays is "disconnected by server" "please apply at godcraft.com". Is this an error or a security feature kicking me out?
  5. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    security what is or was ur MC name?
  6. drewtherummer

    drewtherummer Whitelisted Player

    my MC name is drewtherummer, my brothers is drewthedrummer not to be confused
  7. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    should be fixed!
  8. drewtherummer

    drewtherummer Whitelisted Player

    thanks alot :D, hmm, looks like someone didnt like my tunnel/mine and closed them both up... cant figure out why people would do that lol
  9. drewtherummer

    drewtherummer Whitelisted Player

    hey kane, someone really has a problem with my mine i guess... they just filled the entrance while i was in it and flooded it with lava. if i catch them in the act i really would want him banned, this is ridiculous
  10. Dearnen

    Dearnen Whitelisted Player

    I've logged onto the the Albion server ( without a problem.

    Here are the results of ping s1.godcraft.com

    Pinging s1.godcraft.com [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=122ms TTL=53
    Reply from bytes=32 time=117ms TTL=53
    Reply from bytes=32 time=116ms TTL=53
    Reply from bytes=32 time=117ms TTL=53
    Ping statistics for
        Packets: Sent = 4, received = 4, Lost = o (o% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
        Minimum = 116ms, Maximum = 122ms, Average = 118 ms
    And the results of tracert s1.godcraft.com

    Tracing route to s1.godcraft.com []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:
     1   103 ms    12 ms     1 ms
     2    23 ms    22 ms    22 ms  eugn-dsl-gw17-209.eugn.qwest.net []
     3    22 ms    22 ms    21 ms  eugn-agw1.inet.qwest.net []
     4    23 ms    23 ms    23 ms  eugn-core-01.inet.qwest.net []
     5    37 ms    36 ms    36 ms sjp-brdr-04.inet.qwest.net []
     6    36 ms    36 ms    36 ms  sjo-bb1-link.telia.net []
     7   108 ms   107 ms   107 ms  nyk-bb1-link.telia.net []
     8   108 ms   108 ms   108 ms  nyk-b4-link.telia.net  []
     9   115 ms   116 ms   116 ms  v10012.gwy01.sctn01.hostnoc.net []
    10   116 ms   116 ms   116 ms  core.sctn01.volumedrive.com []
    11   116 ms   116 ms   115 ms
    Trace Complete
  11. Dearnen

    Dearnen Whitelisted Player

    While I'm now able to log in again, I'm still having the connection and inventory crash problems. Unfortunately, I think this may be causing an unintended item duplication problem. I've checked out other servers and I'm having connection (but not inventory) problems on them too, so I've been trying to figure out what's wrong on my end.

    UPDATE: I've figured out that my disconnection problems are related to my firewall (Zone Alarm). No problems after deactivating it. The inventory crash issue remains, though.
  12. GoldenGlovez

    GoldenGlovez Whitelisted Player

    Hi Kane,

    Ive also been having these problems today. I play from China so latency is expected, the last two/three days ive been working on my project with minimal hiccups "Maybe once every two hours i need to reconnect to sync with the server".

    Today however I cannot stay connected for more than a few minutes. Ping is dropping packets. Tracert doesnt work in China because the government blocks response from their servers to queries such as this. Even if I use my VPN connection to New York which usually gives me better latency in any online game and I can Tracert without problem I am still being disconnected. Any changes done server side recently? Or it just might be a bad internet day...
  13. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    It's actually something with you guys that is causing an issue today. 40% packet loss not sure beyond that.

    Singapore, Singapore:     Okay     259.6     260.4     263.8
     Florida, U.S.A.:     Okay     58.3     58.5     58.7
     Amsterdam3, Netherlands:     Okay     99.5     100.2     102.7
     Hong Kong, China:     Okay     259.5     271.6     280.5
     Sydney, Australia:     Okay     262.3     270.5     280.7
     München, Germany:     Okay     103.2     103.3     103.5
     Cologne, Germany:     Okay     93.4     93.7     94.0
     New York, U.S.A.:     Okay     16.8     16.9     17.0
     Stockholm, Sweden:     Okay     119.5     120.1     121.3
     Santa Clara, U.S.A.:     Okay     83.4     83.6     84.0
     Vancouver, Canada:     Okay     92.6     92.9     93.6
     Krakow, Poland:     Okay     128.5     129.1     129.9
     London, United Kingdom:     Okay     78.9     80.5     82.0
     Madrid, Spain:     Okay     112.9     113.5     114.5
     Padova, Italy:     Okay     105.8     107.5     109.3
     Austin, U.S.A.:     Okay     38.7     38.7     38.8
     Amsterdam, Netherlands:     Okay     88.4     89.2     90.6
     Paris, France:     Okay     81.6     82.8     84.1
     Melbourne, Australia:     Packets lost (10%)     286.3     297.6     307.6
     Shanghai, China:     Packets lost (40%)     383.6     384.1     384.6
     Copenhagen, Denmark:     Okay     101.8     101.8     101.9
     Lille, France:     Okay     95.0     96.8     103.9
     San Francisco, U.S.A.:     Okay     89.0     90.8     94.3
     Zurich, Switzerland:     Okay     109.5     109.7     110.2
     Mumbai, India:     Okay     382.7     387.3     393.1
     Chicago, U.S.A.:     Okay     33.0     33.0     33.1
     Johannesburg, South Africa:     Okay     283.1     291.6     299.5
     Nagano, Japan:     Okay     193.2     193.2     193.3
     Haifa, Israel:     Okay     143.6     144.8     147.6
     Auckland, New Zealand:     Okay     245.4     248.2     252.1
     Antwerp, Belgium:     Okay     95.4     99.5     101.8
     Groningen, Netherlands:     Okay     93.0     94.7     96.5
     Moscow, Russia:     Okay     184.7     193.3     211.9
     Dublin, Ireland:     Okay     86.5     87.8     97.3
     Oslo, Norway:     Okay     103.1     103.2     103.4
     Kharkov, Ukraine:     Okay     183.1     187.6     193.5
     Manchester, United Kingdom:     Okay     82.0     82.8     83.6
     Vilnius, Lithuania:     Okay     134.5     164.1     188.4
     Ashburn, U.S.A.:     Okay     13.5     19.0     30.1
     Bucharest, Romania:     Okay     129.8     131.3     132.2
     Bangkok, Thailand:     Okay     316.2     316.7     317.3
     Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:     Okay     265.5     265.9     266.3
     Jakarta, Indonesia:     Okay     277.3     278.5     279.7
     Cape Town, South Africa:     Okay     264.7     277.3     292.6
     Glasgow, United Kingdom:     Okay     100.4     100.5     100.6
     Lisbon, Portugal:     Okay     127.3     128.3     130.3
     Chicago, U.S.A.:     Okay     36.0     37.3     40.8
     Dallas, U.S.A.:     Okay     45.7     45.7     45.9
  14. GoldenGlovez

    GoldenGlovez Whitelisted Player

    It seems to be working better now. Actually I talked to a Aussie friend of mine that lives here and said he was having trouble connecting with Australian websites and servers. I think a line went down somewhere causing congestion.

    Edit: Worked good for an hour then connection dropped and back to 100% packet loss. I'll try tomorrow, hopefully with better luck.
  15. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    yeah it looks like both of you are having packet loss

    Melbourne, Australia:     Packets lost (10%)     286.3     297.6     307.6
    Shanghai, China:     Packets lost (40%)     383.6     384.1     384.6
    updated working somewhat now but super high ping:
     Melbourne, Australia:     Okay     292.8     298.4     314.4
     Shanghai, China:     Okay     278.3     279.0     280.0
  16. Dearnen

    Dearnen Whitelisted Player

    Hey Kane, could I get you to delete the inventory file of my character again? From what I've read on the Minecraft forums, this may fix my inventory crash problem. It did when you reset me after the ban thing, but the problem returned. I think the problem may have been the result of my repeated disconnects, but since those are now resolved my fingers are crossed that the inventory crashes won't return. If it works, then I'll finally be free of all these issues! ...well...until Notch's next update, anyway. :roll:
  17. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

  18. Dearnen

    Dearnen Whitelisted Player

    Wow, that was quick! Thanks.
  19. GoldenGlovez

    GoldenGlovez Whitelisted Player

    Played for 4 hours or so this morning, worked great save for disconnect maybe ever 30 minutes no big deal. All of a sudden the last two hours back to packet loss and unable to connect =/

    Somewhere along the line is a congestion or failed route that is affecting me =( Here is the tracert... actually working today.

      1    12 ms    54 ms    13 ms
      2    12 ms    12 ms    12 ms
      3    14 ms    13 ms    14 ms
      4    15 ms    15 ms    19 ms
      5    16 ms    15 ms    16 ms
      6    15 ms    25 ms    15 ms
      7   173 ms   173 ms   170 ms
      8     *        *        *     Request timed out.
      9   369 ms   369 ms     *     nyk-bb2-link.telia.net []
     10   491 ms   412 ms   370 ms  nyk-b4-link.telia.net []
     11   385 ms     *      384 ms  vl0012.gwy01.sctn01.hostnoc.net []
     12   375 ms     *      393 ms  core.sctn01.volumedrive.com []
     13   371 ms   374 ms   409 ms
    Trace complete.
  20. xZach

    xZach Whitelisted Player

    disregard this :p
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