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[Build 1] Adopt a subway!

Discussion in 'Subway / Train Grid/System/Layout Projects!!!' started by Sniper3, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Togeh

    Togeh Whitelisted Player

    Main South Line 7501-8000 has now been completed with a simple but effective design


  2. Pjstorm12

    Pjstorm12 Whitelisted Player

    everyone should post pictures on their completed sections. why? cause i like pictures. duhhhh :3
    aliparpar likes this.
  3. Cryptane

    Cryptane Whitelisted Player

    You could space the planks out more so instead of every other one it is every 3 or whatever :)
    aliparpar likes this.
  4. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    ill take south 0-500 if thats ok :)
  5. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    I'm gonna remove the planks.....Looks better without them....as my friend told me as well.
  6. asdpyro

    asdpyro Whitelisted Player

    If no one has claimed them already sign me up for 0-500 west, or if taken. 0-500 East.

    Question about the tracks, I'm assuming I can place them onto a different material? And I think I know the answer to this but I'll ask anyway. May we move the tracks toward each other for the whole 500 length journey? (moving back to the original position afterwards of course). IE: |___T_T___| instead of |T_______T|
  7. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    Signed you up for 0-500 West, and no, you cannot move the tracks, but you can move the floor, walls, and roof. You can place the track on a different material too.
  8. Puppet1012

    Puppet1012 Whitelisted Player

    Ill take pictures in a few weeks when my section is done. [so much god damn digging will be needed...]
  9. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    My tunnel is basically finished but to improve it I'll need grief it with lava first.....
  10. asdpyro

    asdpyro Whitelisted Player

    I discovered while starting my idea that there is another cart track directly above the west subway. Therefore I cannot do my idea, Could you please move my adoption to east 0-500 instead. I have checked and there does not appear to be a conflict.

  11. Xanizl

    Xanizl Whitelisted Player

    Please :)
  12. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    My subway North line 7501-8000 Update :


    Will post the finished product soon...
    Pjstorm12 likes this.
  13. ReggAbac

    ReggAbac Whitelisted Player

    Hmm. Could I have 0-500 East? I've been playing with curves. They might look trippy going at minecart speed.
  14. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    FINISHED SUBWAY TUNNEL : Aliparpar's tunnel now :p (7501 - 8000 ) North Line @ 8K North Station


    Just made those glows into this ....It gives the tunnel the feel of a mine tunnel .....And yes for the lava part I had to bring 1000 BUCKETS of LAVA into build from Nether :/

    Also : I would like to thank everyone who helped me in this project including donations, Digging and giving me ideas and thanks sniper3 for his support :

    Donations :
    <3 @confuzzledyma : 4-5 stacks of wood
    <3 @undershotcronix : 10-15 stacks of Sandstone
    <3 @Raganork : 1 Double Chest of Gravel

    Digging the ceiling :

    Helping in design :

    Imperialles likes this.
  15. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    BUMP! @Sniper3 you need to turn my name green for North line 7501-8000 :D
    Also give me 7000-7501 North Line....

    And also, For new players to see that this thread exists and start claiming and beautifying subway tunnels. ;)
  16. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

  17. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

  18. Hale

    Hale Whitelisted Player

    If available, I'll take Main Line East 3501 - 4000.
    MC Name: hale6
  19. asdpyro

    asdpyro Whitelisted Player

    When making your requests you guys might want to include "@Sniper3" so that you can be sure he sees it.
  20. Hale

    Hale Whitelisted Player

    If available, I'll adopt the East Main Line From 3501 to 4000.
    MC Name: hale6

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