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[Build 2] Railway Station List

Discussion in 'Subway / Train Grid/System/Layout Projects!!!' started by ElectroBot, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    If you'd like me to connect you to the main road/railway then please post here or PM ElectroBot the following:
    - location of the project on build 2.0
    - name or a shortened name of the project (at most 9 EDIT 8 characters, no spaces) for /st commands (we will add a number in your /st command depending on where in build 2 its located)
    - link to your project on the forums and/or owner's name

    Here's the /st stations so far:
    Spawn = /st 0​
    2K North = /st 1n, 4K North = /st 2n​
    2K West = /st 3w, 4K West = /st 4w​
    2K East = /st 5e, 4K East = /st 6e​
    2K South = /st 7s, 4K South = /st 8s​
    EDIT The 2K and 4K stations are not yet completed and minecarts will NOT stop there yet.​
    Sandy Retreat (icemanking) - /st 1retreat
    Chichén Itzá - /st 1itza
    Zephyr Islands of Bora - /st 2zephyr
    Imardin - /st 3imardin
    Serenity Valley - /st 4serenity
    TBD (Kho1287) - /st 5kho1287
    Prominence Island - /st 5pi​
    Staghorn - /st 5staghorn
    Mista_Tubby & Milhouz's Mansion - /st 6mnm
    TBD (inzuka) - (/st command TBD)​
    Wayside (BrookeHennen) - /st 6wayside​
    Destrox Stadium - /st 6destrox​
    Aphexis (phojespa) - /st 6aphexis
    TBD (DaffyPWNS) - /st 6king
    City of Quantum - /st 6quantum
    Lungofiume Ponti (Ejhwrestler65) - /st 7ponti
    Kozan Village - /st 7kozan
    TBD (Racecar) - /st 7racecar
    Pig Consortium Raceway - /st 7raceway
    JigSaw (Y3LL0W_BuNny) - /st 8jigsaw
    TBD (Quinntao) - (/st command TBD)
    Arrakeen - /st 8arrakeen
    K CORP. (Kooj) - /st 8kcorp​
    For those wishing a private terminal, they will be available at 2K and 4K stations. These private terminals will not be connected to the main road/railway just like the subway/private terminals on build 1. There will not be any private or public terminals at spawn. For any large or small projects we recommend having them be connected to the main railway so that players can get to them easily.​
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