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CahillT19 appeal ban

Discussion in 'Banned / Appeal' started by CahillT19, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. CahillT19

    CahillT19 Whitelisted Player

    MC Name: CahllT19
    When: Sunday 11/21/10 1:10 PM CST
    Why: Suspected cheating
    Who: Sniper3
    Lesson: I have learned to not to mention a method of cheating or to cheat
    Extra information: I do understand that cheating isn't accepted and it is stated in the rules but I think sniper3 misunderstood what was going on. What happened was I was with Quizzbee and he asked me what color the clay looked on my texture-pack. I told him I was on default. I was listening to one of Kane's videos on youtube and he was explaining something about texture-packs and how you need a program that supports transparency. I then thought of a way to find diamond easy. What you would do is make everything transparent so you could see diamond through the ground and look down and see them then dig straight down to them. I then told quizzbee that I had a texture-pack made for finding diamond because I was going to make one after I was gonna tell him. I did say I had a texture-pack for this and sniper did notice that. I didn't state i used it on the sever but sniper was trying to do his job. Although this was a good idea at the time, i've discovered that this method does not work. You would end up running into walls or falling off cliffs. At first received a 48hour ban and then it was moved to a 72hour ban. I've learned my lesson and I will be a rule following citizen of the world of godcraft and I hope you'll forgive me.
  2. elpacco

    elpacco Whitelisted Player

    It also simply doesn't work because block faces are only rendered in the first place if they're touching an air block, so you might be able to see some already-exposed diamond (with the exposed side facing towards you), but you wouldn't be able to find diamond that is concealed entirely in other blocks.
  3. CahillT19

    CahillT19 Whitelisted Player

    again it was an idea and it turned out not working when i tried it on single-player anyways
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