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City of Phi [Thread v3]

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by Piekiller, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Mista_Tubby

    Mista_Tubby Whitelisted Player

    Just don't make the structures like your trade plot and it'll all be fine :p
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  2. ot0_m0t0

    ot0_m0t0 Whitelisted Player

    Dude are you trolling me or what? I dont care about the houses, or the build style. Or SQUARES. Make it all round I dont care. I am talking about the steps we just dug out, do they all follow the same pattern, are they symmetrical to the central axis? If not we should fix them.
    If they are out of alignment of 3 blocks its not a "style" its just a sloppy mess.
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  3. xDiiBs

    xDiiBs Whitelisted Player

    sounds like you literally took that from a "How to Build" video one of the guys of the voxel box made.

    Edit: I wanted to build a dynamic dragon thing on my land. That's why I personally watched it
  4. McLag

    McLag Whitelisted Player

    Keep Phi tp the origional idea. Nothing else. And dont make shitty structures like ur trade plot.
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  5. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    otto, and anyone else curious... here is the problem. (no it won't be fixed, and no it doesn't make it lopsided at all. I honestly don't even think you could fix it without causing some other minor discrepancy like this.)

    in the corners between the flat sections and diagonal sections, you have this varying gap between crenellations. Based on level, not on corner, everything is still symmetrical.

  6. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    No-one reads full posts do they? I said "without being entirely different" which was my answer to the square thing. The house was just an example of things I like. But it was meant to be "too far" from the norms of Phi (sorry, I meant to say that i n the original post). And the "mid point" between that style and a square is "not a square, but includes straight lines and symmetry".

    "A city that already existed" DUDE! How did no one get that! I wasn't going to change it! They were all examples of the square thing!

    And you could have just asked that originally oto: Because it is a square with 45 degree diagonal lines in the middle you get two of the "supports" next to each other. The way to fix this is to make a larger gap on the two ends and not change anything else. Boom! Fixed! We have said over and over in this thread that it's fine and what the problem is. But you still ask?
  7. Kooj

    Kooj Whitelisted Player

    Hey everyone!

    The end (of digging) is near! Tomorrow, we will take down the final chunk at Phi with a single strike. The event will be timelapsed and featured in my next video (hopefully the first of a more regular output). I'm hoping for a big turnout!! To mark this momentous occasion, gold pants will be provided for all participants. Here are the details:

    Who: YOU
    What: Dig or be banned... perma'd
    Where: Phi
    When: Sunday, October 21 @ 1 PM EST
    Why: dumb question

    See you there!
  8. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    So... I 'spose I should start making these pants...
  9. Kooj

    Kooj Whitelisted Player

    Phase 2: COMPLETE
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  10. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Should be blue....
  11. crafty

    crafty New Member

    Omg this is awesome!!!!! Im debating on buying access...any thoughts
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  12. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Thanks, I'm an amazing builder... Lol JK! But Godcraft is truly amazing. You should buy access. Worth every penny. I've had hundreds if not maybe even thousands of hours of fun, misery, epicness, and laughs all in this one place!
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  13. crafty

    crafty New Member

    U need a life, my friend.
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  14. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Yes. I do... But those hours are spread over more than a year of playing.
  15. bigbubbak9

    bigbubbak9 Whitelisted Player

    Is it ironic, that I think that person is someone that has been banned today?
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  16. crafty

    crafty New Member

    Have I now...
  17. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Sounds very much like collin.
  18. Kooj

    Kooj Whitelisted Player

    Phase 3: COMPLETE

    Everything at /subway is set up and ready to go for tomorrow. Hope to see you all at 1 pm EST :)
  19. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Can you make it a bit later? I don't want to get up at 6 AM.
  20. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    It has been 501 days since Phi was started! It is time we finished it! On the 502nd day we will get it done! And Phi will shine like the Golden city that it is!

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