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City of Phi [Thread v3]

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by Piekiller, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. ot0_m0t0

    ot0_m0t0 Whitelisted Player

    To minimize confusion I recommend a sort of a alignment grid or axes on the ground so there is no way to orient the schematic in a wrong way but still align over the single block.
  2. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    We need to do more detailed builds like this. Personally I'd like to see us put together an adventure map ( aliparpar ) but I'll settle for more group builds like this.
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  3. Bodydrag

    Bodydrag Whitelisted Player

    Main tower done! Next up: The rest! 2012-11-18_06.19.28.png
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  4. ot0_m0t0

    ot0_m0t0 Whitelisted Player

    Worthy of the server Godcraft. Gj.
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  5. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Remember, Phi is buying lapis! We only have 12 stacks which is why the towers are capped off with blue wool. 75c a block!
  6. bennerkaj

    bennerkaj Whitelisted Player

    i have some for you
  7. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    I'll buy it later thanks, cya online soon!
  8. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    All 4 Bridges DONE!

    Auxilary Tower #1 DONE! (some blocks missing in the bridge section will be fixed when all towers are done)

  9. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Nice work! I expect one of the remaining towers to be done when I get out of hospital (if it takes several days, might only take 1 or 2 days).
  10. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    These people have stuff at Phi that needs to be collected:


    If you do not wish to keep the items you may donate them.


    there is a shop sign at the entrance to the spleef arena, may you please remove it?
  11. Billdew

    Billdew Whitelisted Player

    So when will Phi be finished?
  12. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Idk, I have today off school so I should get a big chunk done. It would be done sooner if you helped.
  13. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    In an attempt to motivate people to come on the build server I will be more active in-game/on the forum working on Phi.

    Here's a rough plan with some of the ideas I've been thinking about. Please remember that this is a very early on plan. Kooj Piekiller SudoHF Bagline

    Phi plan.PNG

    Black: land that needs to be claimed. The large area at the top is not well marked in game, I don't know how far it extends (at least 500x500).
    Orange: main city, still needs to be completed.
    Red: where the city borders will likely be.
    Yellow: mansion district. Needs to be cleaned up.
    White circle: the main city harbor.
    Purple: harbor entrances. Needs to be made wider and deeper. Could have something (like a gateway/statue) to mark it.
    Grey: poor district. Would be packed and uncomfortable. The snow areas would be empty (unless otherwise stated).
    Brown circle: market. It has cliffs and overhangs making it perfect.
    Brown oval: smuggler harbor. The area is a huge cliff making it a perfect spot because people wouldn't expect boats to land in such a dangerous area (I've sailed up to cliffs irl - not a good idea).
    Pink: a lookout/base of operations for illegal activities - the area is full of holes to hide buildings in. And there is a cave network with a very hard to spot point where you could see people coming from the city.
    The surrounding land needs to be cleaned up. There are random blocks, ice, holes, etc.

    If anyone else has ideas or would like to help contact me in came or on this thread.
  14. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    How about you finish (or at least start working on) the 3 auxiliary towers before making grandiose plans again that you want others to do.
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  15. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    I will start working on them. I might even finish them. I'm asking for advice and constructive criticism. I'm not giving people a set of instructions to carry out while I go off and sort out my real life issues. I'm not asking anyone to do anything. Don't post if you don't have stuff to say that will get Phi done sooner. I will delete this post if you delete yours to clear up this thread.
  16. xDiiBs

    xDiiBs Whitelisted Player

    But... he is giving you constructive criticism... he thinks you should finish the 3 auxiliary towers.
  17. Billdew

    Billdew Whitelisted Player

    With a side of asshole
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  18. xDiiBs

    xDiiBs Whitelisted Player

    More than just a side
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  19. Piekiller

    Piekiller Whitelisted Player

    I am here and listening.
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  20. SudoHF

    SudoHF Whitelisted Player


    Hello, all! Hard at work today. Helping convert some of this cobble to smooth would be a great way to help the project!

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