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- - - City of Torrent - - -v2

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by Haptoad, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Haptoad

    Haptoad Whitelisted Player

    City of Torrent
    Build 1 : 5200, -1700
    Subway Station at 4k South
    Grab your boat and paddle your way over to the city of Torrent. This growing city is nestled among rolling hills and surrounded by stunning landscapes and views. Torrent is a nature / water themed build and offers many attractions such as:

    -Boat Races (there are 3 tracks atm)
    -Spleefing (2-4 man arena w/auto start and speed beacon)
    *More to come...

    There are a few plots scattered around Torrent that are up for sale. Proceeds for the sale of plots will be used as prizes for upcoming tournaments and contests.
    Torrent has a Subway Station at 4k South​
    Here are a few updated pics:​
    Nether Race Track​
    Training Race Track​

    Mountain Race Track (this is under the manmade mountain)​
    Underwater Plots​
    2-4 man or 2 man teams Spleef Arena w/auto start and speed beacon (under a frozen lake)​
    Jack'o'Lantern Jackpot (slots)​

    City Rules and Guidelines

    All Plot owners are welcome to use the available farms in the city of Torrent.
    -Wheat Farm
    -Tree Farms
    -Sugar Cane Farm
    -Pumpkin and Watermelon Farm

    If any of these farms are utilized, the responsible party must replant what was harvested if applicable. Any one found not replanting will be banned from further use of all farms.

    No one should gather blocks or cut trees (unless using a farm) within the city or within view of the city. Do not break flowers or grass within the build. These actions will be considered griefing. Mining blocks in the main mine or within or under your plot is acceptable. Please respect the build and if anything would happen that damages it, make the needed repairs and/or report it to one of the Build Team Members.

    Plot Rule

    Small aesthetic changes my be made to the adjacent few blocks around your plot (such as shrubs, flowers or other decorative blocks). Any changes deemed inappropriate may be asked to change or be changed without notice. Home plots should be constructed in a manner that compliments the nature/water theme. We ask that cobblestone be used sparingly, along with any block that would seem out of place on the exterior of your structure. Building should be in proportion to the size of the plot (a tower on an 8x8 plot is a fail). Anyone interested in constructing a tower should communicate that interest with one of the members of the Build Team regarding your ideas, before you start erecting it. Any building that is deemed of poor quality construction, maybe asked to make changes. If these changes are not made with in a reasonable amount of time, Torrent reserves the right to make changes or take the building down. With permission and available space, plot owners may build/expand their plot if a larger space is needed (an additional cost may apply). No one may build outside their plot(s) unless given permission by one of the Build Team members.

    the Sphax texture pack was used when making this build
  2. Haptoad

    Haptoad Whitelisted Player

  3. GTA4rox08

    GTA4rox08 Whitelisted Player

    :D looks even better than I remembered. This project is awesome. Need to go to see it again when I'm ingame.
  4. xDiiBs

    xDiiBs Whitelisted Player

    This looks awesome!
  5. Hunterkai24

    Hunterkai24 Whitelisted Player

    Very cool Haptoad. I'll have to come take a look.
  6. Haptoad

    Haptoad Whitelisted Player

    to who ever Donated Mycelium!!!! thank you...ive been looking for it for such a long time. im speechless! F'n Amazing

    now i have a long task of Turning dirt =p but well worth it!
    ComradeTaco and aliparpar like this.
  7. ComradeTaco

    ComradeTaco Whitelisted Player

    When Jcup and I rode through your race track and it was completely awesome. My only possible complaint is that it gets a bit rough at the bottom of the mountain. Otherwise, this city is awesome.
  8. Haptoad

    Haptoad Whitelisted Player

    I would agree with the difficulty of the mountain track. It is the hardest of the 3 tracks and its was meant to challenge its racers
    aliparpar, ComradeTaco and xDiiBs like this.
  9. Doccccc

    Doccccc Whitelisted Player

    I'm glad to be a part of this town!
  10. Blue_Buddha

    Blue_Buddha Whitelisted Player

    thanks Doccc
    sadly haptoad has been perabanned and will not be able to continue the build. feel free to build as you see fit
  11. Doccccc

    Doccccc Whitelisted Player

    Who received the rights to the town?
  12. Blue_Buddha

    Blue_Buddha Whitelisted Player

    doccccc at this point I don't think it maters who has what...the server seems to be dead, sadly =(
  13. Doccccc

    Doccccc Whitelisted Player

    Even so, it's nice to know who's in charge. And if no one has it I plan on claiming it.
  14. Blue_Buddha

    Blue_Buddha Whitelisted Player

    I trust you'll do well...im sorry for any issues in the past , peace man!

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