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claiming haven

Discussion in '[BS] - Land Claiming' started by bennerkaj, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. BearJew1986

    BearJew1986 Whitelisted Player

    I am surprised TTG_Agility hasn't jumped on that building...how many projects does he have? What is one more?
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  2. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player


    This is the most important post in this thread IMO. this piece of land has caused hassle on the server since before i played this server. all the way back to the inception of Haven.

    Soon after in early 2010 you claimed haven tower, this thread for information, and so the area of haven grew.
    later that month you attempted to claim kanga134 s land, in this thread here, the original claim of this land was accompanied with the explanation of expanding haven.
    this was denied by kanga and backed up by amy back when she was was mod.
    you also managed in the following month to claim JackRipper s land, in this thread again with the explanation of expanding haven.

    nearly a month later Williugly also claimed jamiepunkey s tower with the implied intention of expanding Haven, this thread here.
    so lets recap here. by this point you own a very fair amount of land, about the same size you have now. this is over a year ago and each time you've claimed land you've use the excuse the you wish to expand haven, however you have yet to actually have more the 5 buildings on the land.

    this land stayed relatively empty for another 6 months when zoeykitten attempted to claim your land, in this thread here,
    in this you actually started stating that you were going to start building again
    by this point people were commenting on how unfinished the land was including GTA4rox08
    to which you replied
    you also hinted, in this thread, that you were going to work with this land. then didn't.

    the drama also continued when Piekiller attempted to claim the tower, in this thread, to which you came to an odd agreement.

    this all came to a head in march 2012 nearly a year after when bennerkaj attempted to claim your land, in this thread, where you promised to do work in three months. you didn't.

    you then promised me that you would do work on it and stated we made an agreement on what proper work would be, id like to state now that you didn't fulfil this promise, and I am fulfilling my promise

    and so you did do dome small work, you cleared some land then built a couple of houses and it sat unused and unused on for months more. until the Billdew thread which can be found here. this caused more problems and drama all around when you yet again denied the claim.
    you have done so little work on the land that you can actually track the progress of the land on your youtube channel of which the last one you can see you dis a little workway back in may,

    other threads
    you have also been keeping hold of land and causing drama on other areas of the server such as in this thread here.
    in recap you have owned this land for nearly 2 years now, however you have done very little work on this land, building and tearing down the same buildings and land. the area is a god damn eyesore and has caused as much hassle and drama as the Atlantis threads did, i will give you note that you did come on and do "some work" before this current thread, you then disappeared again for 3 weeks only actually saying no to the claim after electro prompted you. the mods could actually claim that you no longer own the land on the technicality.
    so im calling you out. are you actually going to do some work or are you just going to continue how you have been. if you're going to continue as you are please just release the land to the government to do some work on the land or sell it for a reasonable price.
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  3. Agility_

    Agility_ Whitelisted Player

    2 thank you very much.

    Ps bigger is better ;)

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