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Diablo 3 Current Godcraft Diablo III Roster!

Discussion in 'Diablo, Path of Exile, Torchlight Type Games!' started by Kane, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Bryce Becker

    Bryce Becker New Member

    Hey Hey MechfreakGor#1697
  2. Dazac21

    Dazac21 Whitelisted Player

  3. Yafat

    Yafat Whitelisted Player

  4. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

  5. monkey37

    monkey37 Whitelisted Player

  6. Nichiatu

    Nichiatu Whitelisted Player

  7. AHornyCreeper

    AHornyCreeper Whitelisted Player

  8. zoeykitten

    zoeykitten Whitelisted Player

  9. Dendroso

    Dendroso Whitelisted Player

    Almightree #1669
  10. JCordes

    JCordes New Member

  11. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    I have updated this list. If I have missed someone or wrote your name wrong or placed you in the wrong region section then please let me know.
  12. Bj Nelson

    Bj Nelson Whitelisted Player

    Penguinz#1841 - North American Server

    Can't wait to play!
  13. Kanookoo

    Kanookoo Whitelisted Player

    Kanookoo#1483 - NA
  14. Defiancey

    Defiancey Whitelisted Player

    NA Server
  15. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    Sorry I realised I made a battle tag in a wrong account (My country of residence was USA) . I managed to recover my proper Battle.net account which was registered in UK. This is my new battle tag now : aliparpar#2851
    Sorry for that.
  16. Jacket13

    Jacket13 Whitelisted Player


  17. Tuzy

    Tuzy Whitelisted Player

  18. Zaubere

    Zaubere Whitelisted Player

    North American Server
  19. Kanookoo

    Kanookoo Whitelisted Player

    Unfortunately I can't get it on the 15th. Don't know when.
  20. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    List Updated woot. If I need to correct something or change your location let me know!

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