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Dan_0125 : Application

Discussion in '[BS] - Applications' started by Dan_0125, Dec 18, 2011.

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  1. Dan_0125

    Dan_0125 New Member

    Name: Dan
    MC Name: Dan_0125
    Age: 19
    Location: Sheffield, England
    Where did you hear about Godcraft, why would you like to join?: I heard about Godcraft from my friend Jim_Jam94, He's my mate in real life, and has been showing me your server, he gave me a tour of Moria, and showed me a section he was helping work on, the rift I think it was, I was truly impressed with the amount of dedication, time and effort that had been put into it, and knowing it was all legit impressed me more. He also showed me places like Camelot where he showed me a Cathedral, who he said was made by Amy? I really loved this creation, It's probably one of the best looking Cathedrals I've seen that's been properly made. He also showed me the Coliseum, It was mesmerizing, it looked like the real thing! I wish to join you guys because you truly have some of the nicest looking projects I've ever seen, and the community sounds very good too, I also like the economic side of the server too.
    I like Gothic architecture, the theme interests me a lot, as does large scale building work too, building it all legit is totally different though, It interests me a lot, because you can actually look upon your creation and know you've done good work.

    i like the fact that you have a good rule-set on your server, as it helps to keep the community organised and working together, which is something i have been looking for.

    hoping to join you soon, and thanks for reading.

    Interests: College, gaming, web development, aerospace engineering
  2. Dan_0125

    Dan_0125 New Member

    Hi, In light of the time it has taken to process my application, and due to the fact that i no longer have time to play due to other commitments i would like my application denied and my money refunded,

    many thanks

  3. Y3LL0W_BuNny

    Y3LL0W_BuNny Whitelisted Player

    did u get refunded???
  4. Dan_0125

    Dan_0125 New Member

    Below follows my proof of payment, and i am still waiting for a response. @Kane
  5. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    @Dan_0125 Sorry about that. I have now refunded you. With Christmas spending a lot of Time with Family and the spam we get as you see many applications I sometimes miss one or 2.
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