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Day ### of Godcraft Videos. (Submit For Recording)

Discussion in '[BS] - General Talk' started by Kane, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    I would like to start doing this here and there again and see if I can see if I can help bring some attention back into the server. It seems that Youtube has always been our biggest advertiser and one the reasons I always wanted to encourage others to make videos.

    Let me give you an example Youtube brings in the most referrals and new visits by a crap ton that I can't even really compare it to anything else. But here is the big kicker. On Average someone who comes from Youtube will spend more then 15 minutes on our website so clearly we been peaking their interests.

    Oh and I was able to find a way to show the referrals since the start of Godcraft. 43.57% of all people have come from Youtube. This does not count how many might of just googled the name.

    So I like to try to do some videos like I had in the past the tour type videos that a lot of people seem to enjoy and also helped advertise their project within the community. I'm going to need help from you guys though!

    I'm going to create sort of a detailed form type thing where you fill it in and then I can film it. Of course when you see me on don't be a jerk and start bugging me especially since I tend to get to distracted ;)

    Fill this in and I don't mind others filling it in for other projects that might be finished in progress and etc but don't be a jerk and fill in someone else is project that they are actively part of the community and can do it themselves. Only fill in for others for example if the project is done and finished and the author is not around anymore.

    Project / Place Name:
    Owner / Creator Name:
    Project Status:
    Coordinates Where to Start:
    Simple Subway Instructions:
    Project Thread URL:

    Feel free to submit more then one location!
  2. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Project / Place Name: Phi
    Owner / Creator Name: Current owners are: Myself, Piekiller, Kooj, SudoHF
    Project Status: WIP, digging complete, building underway.
    Coordinates Where to Start: Start at /subway please. I'm always around to give you a guided tour if you want.
    Simple Subway Instructions: /subway ;)
    Project Thread URL: Click here please.

  3. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    Project / Place Name: None really... Jokers2 and Bagline's farm?
    Owner / Creator Name: Jokers2 and Bagline
    Project Status: Mostly complete, but still being worked on.
    Coordinates Where to Start: http://mc.godcraft.com:8080/?worldname=build&mapname=flat&zoom=6&x=-5252.5&y=64&z=4036.5000000000005
    Simple Subway Instructions: No direct subway. Goto Moria on tours rail then walk old north(new west?) along the coast. Or if you can, just TP to my /home location.
    Project Thread URL: http://godcraft.com/threads/wood-charcoal-for-sale.5746/

    Probably not worth a full episode, but there are a couple cool buildings and a 13x10 piston sand door. Careful which buttons you push, and when you push them. For example, if you push "close" and it's already closed it will break. Let it fully open before you close it and vice versa. And no, there are no infinite clocks (unless you break it)

    This is not a public project so please don't tell viewers how to get there.

    This is the farm that produced the 25+ chests of charcoal that Moria used on the 21st hall.

    Places of note:
    1. Piston barn door (13x10)
    2. Piston reed/sugarcane farm (there's a bug with the pistons in this in 1.3.2 so it's at half capacity)
    3. Piston watermellon farm
    4. Fast underground waterway to flupperz place (might not be functioning haven't played with it in a long time also it has a tendancy to break boats... don't waste too much time looking for it.)
  4. baseballboss9

    baseballboss9 Whitelisted Player

    Project / Place Name: Castrum Villae
    Owner / Creator Name: baseballboss9
    Project Status: Major W.I.P. (Mostly the Walls)
    Coordinates Where to Start: -2699, 1480
    Simple Subway Instructions: Subway isn't complete but 4k North Terminal
    Project Thread URL:http://godcraft.com/posts/87285/
  5. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    wow missed this.

    Project / Place Name: Keirhans Castle
    Owner / Creator Name: Keirhan
    Project Status: interior incomplete
    Coordinates Where to Start: 48 -371
    Simple Subway Instructions: none needed. walk to haven. next door
    Project Thread URL: none.

    Project / Place Name: Torchwall
    Owner / Creator Name: godcraft
    Project Status: complete
    Coordinates Where to Start: spawn
    Simple Subway Instructions: no subway
    Project Thread URL: http://godcraft.com/threads/godcraft-contractors-k-corp.12826/#post-88329

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