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Dimonrn's Ban Apeal

Discussion in 'Banned / Appeal' started by dimonrn, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. dimonrn

    dimonrn Whitelisted Player

    "The providers of this service ("we") are not responsible for the content of any messages posted. Messages posted express the views of their author only.
    You agree to not use this service to post any material which is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violates any laws.
    We reserve the rights to remove or modify any messages posted for any reason.
    All information or content you submit or upload may be reviewed by staff members. Do not submit any content or information that you consider to be private or confidential." God craft Terms of Service Rules. Wednesday, May 09, 2012.

    Make it public I do not care. Your policy clearly DOES NOT STATE you will give out information. Even if it is not confidential or private you still MUST say that you have ability and reserve the right to.
  2. Quizzbee

    Quizzbee Whitelisted Player

    Dude, Shut up. Stop trying to start shit.

    PS. Your writing, spelling, and punctuation are all horrible.
  3. JuiceHead

    JuiceHead Whitelisted Player

    Dude it's a video game........calm down. I don't know if your some aspiring lawyer or something, but I doubt most people actually read/care about the privacy policy. There server they can do what they want, the only place any of this would make any difference is court and you take them to court over this you have a pretty sad fucking life. Just cut your losses and give up dude.
  4. Quizzbee

    Quizzbee Whitelisted Player

    Get out JuiceHead, we've already made two warnings in this thread about people that aren't part of this debate posting here. Stop.
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