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Enchanting Superstore (Trade Island G)

Discussion in '[BS] - Market / Trade' started by Haptoad, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Haptoad

    Haptoad Whitelisted Player

    Trade Island G​

    The Enchanting Superstore is now open on Trade Island G. All Enchanted Diamond Pickaxes are on Sale. Enchanted Books will be placed for sale, just after the 1.4.6-7 update. Prices range from 300-1800 for Enchanted Diamond Picks. We also do repairs!

    coming soon: Buying Enchanted Items
  2. Haptoad

    Haptoad Whitelisted Player

  3. PotatoTree

    PotatoTree Whitelisted Player

    I bought a bunch of pickaxes. Good stuff!

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