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Everything Godcraft

Discussion in '[BS] - Media' started by Kooj, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Kooj

    Kooj Whitelisted Player

    Haha! Oops, my bad... didn't mean to mispronounce anything :confused:
  2. Kooj

    Kooj Whitelisted Player

    Episode 5 is out! This is my first attempt at a dual commentary. Unfortunately, it seems my poorly positioned mic lagged a bit on McLag's end, causing us to trip over each other periodically. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.

    YouTube Channel ~ EverythingGodCraft
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  3. McLag

    McLag Whitelisted Player

    Yeah, my mic was strangely playing back audio too which is weird cause it's a headset. Anyways great video!
  4. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    Wow that was nice :p can you guys also do a video on GC scavenger hunt as well? I'll announce when the start of the hunt would be soon. I've toured most of cities by now both on build1 and 2. I'm planning to add more stuff like puzzles , riddles soon as well as story.
    I'm planning to post something about this on minecraft forums maybe to attract some players and I need some kind of intro or maybe trailer to this if you guys can do it :D I've already raised like 95k for the prize so I know plenty of ppl would join :D
    Also willing to pay in-game money if it tempts you ;)
  5. Kooj

    Kooj Whitelisted Player

    Yes, this definitely sounds like something that Everything Godcraft would love to feature! I will be participating in and filming the scavenger hunt.

    @rubtheripper is excellent at creating trailers. You should run the idea by him to see if he is available to come up with a short trailer to excite/inform people about the event.
  6. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    Please not @aliparpar and @Togeh this video which should be visible later.

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  7. Togeh

    Togeh Whitelisted Player

    Keir linked me in Vent, very nice video Keir :D and pronounce my name how you like, i'm really not bothered :)
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  8. SimenS

    SimenS Whitelisted Player

    The sound is disabled :/
  9. aliparpar

    aliparpar Whitelisted Player

    Yes it is! <3 Keirhan for doing that!
    It isn't for me :eek:
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  10. Agility_

    Agility_ Whitelisted Player

    What texture-pack did you use on the EP video?
  11. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    Day 6 of the Lobby build.

  12. bennerkaj

    bennerkaj Whitelisted Player

  13. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Kooj, when you doing the next video? I like them a lot. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release another one!
  14. Kooj

    Kooj Whitelisted Player

    For all those who are bored.... Episode 6!!! I kinda forgot everything I learned about making good videos, so quality, content, and creativeness are stale in this one. :p

    YouTube Channel ~ EverythingGodCraft
  15. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Should change your intro. The 2 you showed us disliked Godraft and moved from us..
  16. Kooj

    Kooj Whitelisted Player

    It was stock footage I had laying around and wanted to use it for something
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  17. McLag

    McLag Whitelisted Player

    I liked the intro. Has 2 very epic old godcrafters who left us. Doesnt mean they cant have a spotlight ;)
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  18. Kooj

    Kooj Whitelisted Player

    Episode 7! Episode 7! It's the timelapse from Sunday's Phi dig party that everyone has been waiting for! Enjoy :)

    YouTube Channel ~ EverythingGodCraft
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  19. Harticus78

    Harticus78 Whitelisted Player

    I wanted to hit the like button several times! Awesomeness.

    Baseballboss9. You are at times annoying...however unlike some I think I do at least appreciate the fact that all of your...energy...comes from a general sense of enthusiasm. But cmon..that damn tree you planted when we were all digging at Phi and you can see it in the timelapse. Learn from this!
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  20. nevada2000

    nevada2000 Whitelisted Player

    Glad i had a brief cameo in the intro. Awesome timelapse!
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