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Facts & Questions (Read before posting!)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Shaostoul, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. borninla

    borninla Whitelisted Player

    Apparently, the server is down for everyone. I don't know the cause though. :/
  2. emmetireland

    emmetireland Whitelisted Player

  3. TheAriaWithin

    TheAriaWithin Whitelisted Player

    Flqw's 1.6.6 client is still giving me problems. Any pointers?
  4. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    You could completely reinstall minecraft. IE delete the .minecraft folder, delete the exe. Run a program like CCleaner from Piriform. Restart your comp then reinstall everything and see if the game loads up fine with vanilla.
  5. TheAriaWithin

    TheAriaWithin Whitelisted Player

    Thank you, it worked!
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  6. munchsprite

    munchsprite Whitelisted Player

    If i have version 1.7 and I buy the whitelist will i be able to play? Or must I have a version from before?​
  7. hls11

    hls11 Whitelisted Player

  8. munchsprite

    munchsprite Whitelisted Player

    I just need to click one of those and i'll get 1.6 back?
  9. jcoolkatzerg

    jcoolkatzerg Whitelisted Player

    Click one of them, and put it in this folder: %appdata%/.minecraft

    I recommend Sniper's one
  10. munchsprite

    munchsprite Whitelisted Player

  11. munchsprite

    munchsprite Whitelisted Player

    Hello. I'm in the server and i'm with one of my friends. But I was wondering if i wanted my own plot of land where would anyone know a open spot? If not i'll just hang with jkoolcatzerg still but I just wanted a tiny place to mine down for some good materials. Thanks!
  12. Zach00123

    Zach00123 Whitelisted Player

    If you go around 4-8k South, South-East/West you should be able to find huge plots of open land. That's some of the most empty land on the server :p. Hope this helped!
  13. munchsprite

    munchsprite Whitelisted Player

  14. theLLOYDman

    theLLOYDman New Member

    Some of the rules confused me about plots and land size.
    Question: Are we allowed to build openly if we find a blank piece of land that is a distance from others? or do we have to pay for it in some way? are we restricted to a plot of land that we are assigned? is there a limit on the plot size you are building on?
  15. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    You are by no means restricted to allotting yourself land. Claim as much as you can build on and make it look decent in a week, if you're positive about staying with the server longer and that you're going to finish your project, claim more. Just try to be reasonable with the amount you select. Also, mark your land clearly with torches and at least a make-shift fence. Before you officially start building, confirm with a moderator about land and try not to build within sight distance or 50 (I think it was 50) blocks of the nearest construction, unless you get the okay from the owner.

    All land claims are free unless you want a plot in a town. Some towns have free plots and some you have to pay for (with diamonds or labor kind of deal).

    If you're looking for a good area, from what I recall the 4000 SE NE NW SW areas are pretty good on space, the further the better. I'd stay away from the East SouthEast, a lot of people have large areas of land claimed out there that isn't marked very well.


    Do not build within 200 blocks of spawn if it's a simple house. If it's a large construction like a city, 1000 blocks would be better.
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  16. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    If its a large building/city/town then you need to go at least 2000 away from spawn.

    Don't claim more than 250 x 250 (we'll let you claim more if your project requires it and has shown significant progress). But as Shaostoul said,

    Don't claim the full 250 x 250 if your project will only require 100 x 100 for e.g.
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