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Fixing the subway

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by SpiritBuilderr, May 13, 2013.

  1. SpiritBuilderr

    SpiritBuilderr Whitelisted Player

    I wouldn't say it's much of a project, but it would probably relevant for everyone to know...

    As we all noticed, Minecart Mania has been dead for a while now. To be honest I feel like it's never coming back. And I go to my farm to repair my tools all the time, so I kinda wished I could just repair the damn track myself, or at least the portion I'm using.

    Would it be okay if I simply added some rail boosters on the track, plus literally just one block underneath the track with a redstone torch on it? Very minor modifications ; and I don't want to repair it on the whole server, just on the portion that I'm using... because I'm not gonna do charity to people who don't play and I'm feeling quite solo on this server when I'm online these days (99% of the time I'm either alone online or my RL buddy is on with me).

    Another option would be to make an extra 1 oakwood-block line under the track :

    --- T ---------- T
    --- W S s s s S W
    W* t ---------- t W*

    (This is a drawing of the track cut, W is wood, S sandstone, s is stone and T is track. I would add an extra wood line W* and torches t when I put a rail booster (I just used dashes so that I could space properly). This way it would still look pretty from the outside or something. I don't know.)

    Another option would be to move the current rail boosters to set them right in front of the street lamps, so that we don't have any extra wood to place and just use the street lamp's wood block to put a redstone torch under the rail booster.

    I'm starting to seriously think about it because it's getting very annoying to not use minecarts to walk 400 cells all the time... I built a track from that 400 cells to the rest of the way to my farm and that part is very fun to ride :D but not the first 400 cells... anyway.

    I'm open to suggestions and ready to dig/chop wood
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  2. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    I'll add a track (on build 1 subway only) boosted every 33 blocks (best for vanilla) in the center of the tunnels going North-South-East-West from spawn. This way if (doubtful) MM comes back, then it'll still be functional. You'll have to get a minecart using /minecart, get in and press W near a boooster to boost yourself and stop yourself and the cart when you need to get off.
  3. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

  4. icemanking

    icemanking Whitelisted Player

  5. ElectroBot

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