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fountain gone wrong >.<

Discussion in '[BS] - Media' started by kick, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. kick

    kick Whitelisted Player

    so hopke was making a fountain and he kinda did a bad :?
    turns out he cant make fireplaces or fountains :roll:
    have a look at this

    now ive just heard hes aloud to keep it like that and hes turning into a water slide :eek: grab a boat and jump in guys

    this is at sky city type /warp skycity to warp there..... but dont build there unless you ask phoenixdawn i think hes like the boss of that area im not 100%
  2. DemonicMaster

    DemonicMaster Whitelisted Player

    pheonix is the boss, i somehow let a few people in without asking him first, not sure if hes pissed or wants to co-own it
  3. Hopke

    Hopke Whitelisted Player

    Decided to turn this bad boy into Niagra Hopke
    screen shots soon!
  4. Galkurn

    Galkurn Whitelisted Player

    lol my mote did that ealyer, when i tried to fix it it got worst... took 3 hours to fix it hated it lol.
  5. Hopke

    Hopke Whitelisted Player

    Here are the new screen shots!





    me and kick were bored ^^
  6. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    lol sweet :)
  7. Wickerchimp

    Wickerchimp Whitelisted Player

    It doesen't seem to be as bad since ive looked at it recently
  8. WSFMigo

    WSFMigo Whitelisted Player

    Im going to be the first to ride down it!
  9. kick

    kick Whitelisted Player

    nawww you cant do that coz the first would be me
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