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Godcraft.com promotional video [ A Massive $175 Prize Pool ]

Discussion in 'Server & Site News' started by Cypher_Code, Feb 5, 2011.

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  1. Cypher_Code

    Cypher_Code Whitelisted Player

    We need a promotional video for our server Godcraft.com so we are hosting a contest to find the best one's. I am offering a 1st prize of $100 to the best video.
    All Prize money will be from Cypher_Code and NOT from the contributions of members.

    A total prize pool of $175
    1st Place $100 + Free membership to Godcraft
    2nd Place $50 + Free membership to Godcraft
    3rd Place $25 + Free membership to Godcraft

    Access to recording media:
    The main server is Whitelist only and a contribution of $10 is required to join.
    Click here for more
    We also offer a Free to play Test server that uses the same map content as the main server.
    Click here for more
    At our main web site we have maps and daily videos.
    Click here for more

    Following rules:
    1) Videos must be posted for the contest on youtube but you must also be able to provide the raw video for us to place on our channel.
    2) Videos must be 720P minimum.
    3) Trailers must be a minimum of 3 Minutes and a Max of 15.
    4) Epic music and lots of flashy transitions.
    5) The wording Godcraft.com must be in the video at least once.
    6) Must use the Doku texture pack (Looks much more clean).
    6) At the end you must have small credits for the music and your self and if your good at it all the peoples projects used in it but not needed and don't bother if you can't do them all since it will insult some.
    7) Also film hell and and pvp server showing chaos and such..
    NOTE: Rules maybe subject to change with out notice.

    Important Information:
    Contest will end on the 1st of March 2011. Extended to 1st April 2011
    Videos will be voted on by the Godcraft Management Team.
    You can enter more them one video, but you can only win one prize.
    Winner will be contacted by email 1 - 7 days after the contest is over.
    Email raw videos to [email protected] and also the Youtube link to the video.
    The uses of copyrighted music is prohibited, As this is a promotional video and cant use licensed media.

    Payment Method:
    1) PayPal
    2) cheque
    3) Bank Transfer

    NOTE: All videos maybe used for promotional use even if you don't win.
  2. hibbs6

    hibbs6 Whitelisted Player

    I am working on one, I have all my shots picked out. How do you people get such good HD footage?
  3. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    I just use fraps and capture at max quality.
  4. icecruiser

    icecruiser Whitelisted Player

    Kane ive already finished and uploading / sending link as we speak but man was it a pain in the ass to edit in sony vegas, fraps footage going randomly corrupt so i have to re add and re edit...

    what program do you use kane because im thinking of just upgrading to 64bit and getting Premiere Pro CS5
  5. jell0zz

    jell0zz Whitelisted Player

    Cant wait to see the results!
  6. LeftWing

    LeftWing Whitelisted Player

    i'm gonna make one, but i dont want the money
  7. Cypher_Code

    Cypher_Code Whitelisted Player

    Well make it a good one so if its voted 1st place i can save my self $100. Lol
  8. LeftWing

    LeftWing Whitelisted Player

    ok cypher :)
  9. arnerino

    arnerino Whitelisted Player

    "1st Place $100 + Free membership to Godcraft"
    what does "free membership to godcraft" stand for?
    most of us are already members, does this mean you can "invite a friend"?
  10. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah sure :)
    arnerino likes this.
  11. CoolDownPills

    CoolDownPills New Member

    I got some questions. What video editor system should I use? And, how do I get on test server? It's not working. I even got Beta client.
  12. icecruiser

    icecruiser Whitelisted Player

  13. LeftWing

    LeftWing Whitelisted Player

    nice ice!
  14. Galkurn

    Galkurn Whitelisted Player

    If any one would like to tam up on this i would love to. we can split 50/50 if we win, I'm a pro videogropher. Do weddings and such. I cant record in game is my problem. my PC is not strong egnof. so if some one would like to record I can edit. I have Finlecut studio Pro. Heres my website if you want to see more about me www.colindk.com So yeah if any one would like to do this with me id love it :) Pm me plz
  15. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    I want people to know Fly Hacking is Against the Rules. But I will state this. If you are not caught nor if anyone cares the mods and I will not persue it for moving making. But this is one time thing and this does not include speed hacking. Speed hacking will get you banned so will Fly hacking but caught will not go after you in this case if you keep it private in game.

    Any talk about this will get you banned!

  16. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Not bad the start I would have changed moon texture to something bigger. Also if that part was done in SMP I would do it in single player kept jumping there. I might also consider speeding moving like 1.5 to 2.0x just to make the moon move more.

    I also found that you did a good job but most the stuff you showed I felt was small scale and not enough large scale things. I think if you mixed the 2 you could make it easily like a 5-8min video making it feel like its everlasting. Maybe make music more slow and going to epic and epic and near the end show like 10 big structures diff angles and such and make them come fast in the climax of the music..

  17. Galkurn

    Galkurn Whitelisted Player

    Kane I just would like to point out that trailers tend to be about 2 mins when they start becoming 3 to 5 mins long You start to loose peoples attention. Theres a rule of thumb that applys to youtube, But is starting apply to evry thing even hollywood. Most cuts should be about 10 secs long. todays audience loose interest when cuts tend to be longer then 10 seconds. Now that being said that ovisly dos not apply to all things. However when you make a trailer the idea is to capture the viewer. I'm probably coming off as all negative and I dont mean to. I love this idea!
  18. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    I agree Galkurn but I think Minecraft really take a different role here. Even more since were advertising here and even if they stop half way we already captured a lot in their minds. I guess not filling the end with all the best stuff is not the best idea. But doing that fast flash back in the end using diff angles and such I think would be cool tbh.

    I personally would watch any good Minecraft trailer if it lasted 10 minutes even as long they kept showing new and epic structures.
  19. Galkurn

    Galkurn Whitelisted Player

    You make a good point. And I would too. I think its sad that are generation has such a short attention span.
  20. LeftWing

    LeftWing Whitelisted Player

    can we get a copy of the current world 3 map, so we can hack in single player
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