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Notice: Godcraft is now 1000+ days old. I Think it's time for a change!

Discussion in 'Server & Site News' started by Kane, Jul 29, 2013.


So what would you like to see happen with Godcraft?

  1. Fresh Start! New Site, New Forums, New Domain.

  2. Let Godcraft Die in peace. Just let her fade away like she is now!

  3. Take down build and start a new build like server?

  1. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Update Video:

    Original Message:
    For people who want to take one more trip on Godcraft!
    Server: mc.godcraft.com
    World Map: http://mc.godcraft.com:8080/

    So we love to hear what you have to say. Start 100% Fresh with new domain/site/forums... Or let her die in peace... Or Start Build 4 but I don't really think that will end up going to well but I would like to still hear from you guys. Please don't just vote but tell us why as that is important.

    We want to hear your feedback what made Godcraft special, What was your best times what you enjoyed the most if you could change something what it would be. What do you look for in a server these days etc.

    Whatever happens I thank you for being part of our community and I thank you for letting me serve you and I hope you the best of luck on whatever outcomes come from this.

    Some Great Trailers To Remember Godcraft:

    Day 1 Of Godcraft:

    Jesse Cox:
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  2. burns1200

    burns1200 Well-Known Member

    I'd never like to see Build die. After spending 2+ years on it. But what must happen must happen.

    I would like to see how a new server would work I think It would do well because most people don't like us because they know about the 10$ fee and that made us GIANT ass hats! But maybe with a change in look and name, people wont hate us or totally despise us for what turned out to be a good thing.

    If the server got taken down to make way for a new generation would we get a map download?
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  3. fauxiss

    fauxiss Whitelisted Player

    I think Godcraft had a great run but eventually all the hype died down as people lost intrest in minecraft and moved on to the rest of their life. What we were left with was a few (7-10 players) of us that stayed on until the very end and a bunch of younger kids who really couldn't commit to the server. I have been on Godcraft for almost 1.5 years and I had a bunch of fun. However, I think its time to move on. I believe that a new server with fresh ideas can get kickstarted from all this. Godcraft had a huge player base and maybe with that we can get a new server going that would even meet the standards of Godcraft.

    Anyway thats my spiel, think of it however you want but Godcraft had a great time running and I think it would be best of we let it go.

  4. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    This in the moment I decided to join Godcraft:

    I had no intention of leading a Moria or working on a (hopefully successful) Machinema series.

    I can't find the video but the other event that sticks in my mind is you burning down bieber city. (I believe it was a fake video for day 15 of the first world if that helps you find it.)

    Edit: [EGO]Is it safe to say that Moria is in every single trailer ever made for Godcraft? [/EGO]

    Let me know if you ever get a cube world server running I'm avoiding playing that game further until servers are better and/or it becomes more Minecraft-like. (persistent, changeable world, server-side characters, more long-term mmo-like progression with raiding etc. I'm thinking like the Anime SAO)
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  5. Aurayu

    Aurayu Whitelisted Player

    Would like to see a fresh start; the reason I decided to stop playing was because I joined the server very late (probably 1 year after its start) and it was dying down and they was no hype any more.

    Would love to see a fresh rebrand of the server; new Youtube videos relating to it and being a part of a clean break!

    If you do decide to host a new server (domain etc) please do let me know as it would be something I'm interested in to play casually.

    Whatever gets decided it was fun when I did play and hopefully we can have some of those fun times again with new people!

    EDIT: Also would like to see different pay to play options. For me; it was a large investment for VIP3 when I didn't play every day so it was not as valuable. Maybe a price adjustment would be nice and more people would be likely to subscribe for less but you end up getting slightly more?

    I did like the pay once; play forever aspect of Build etc but this might also need a small adjustment to make it affordable (for everyone) so that the server is more likely to get money to sustain itself with a large player base.

  6. Almatha

    Almatha New Member

    figures you are thinking about shutting it down after all the hard work of people , what about everyone who you charged 10 bucks + all the other stupid addons they paid you for? hmm? you going to offer refunds? whatever. least you can freaking do is offer the server map free since its all supposed to be legit build with no fancy cheats anyways so EVERYONE can view it , put it on google drive or something. least you can do that......but doubt you will. suprised theres not more uproar about this. if you wernt such a stuck up jerk. you banned me because i was new to sl and caused a few "small issues". laughs. let GodCraft die for all i care. least freaking upload the world save file to a filesharing site so everyone can view it. maybe no one uses it anymore because of the way you acted or the fact that no one really wants to give you 10 bucks or more just to view the damn server.

    good riddence suprised your not just pulling the plug without any warning.......fuck Godcraft. would be glad to see you fucking Go. just feel bad for all those who spent hours building for your precious server and now your thinking about saying the hell with it

    way to stick it to all those who donated to you!
  7. Aurayu

    Aurayu Whitelisted Player

    Considering the size of Godcraft it will be a pretty impossible size to upload/download as a World Map to play on.
  8. Ajes

    Ajes Whitelisted Player

    Well, I was only on Godcraft from December to ~February. I really liked the challenge that were in Gregtech, and I also learned much about what made unnecessary server-load :D ..

    If there is going to be a new modded server some day, I'll recommend that there isn't to many rules with limits on how much a person may build of each kind of "machine" - the server I play on atm have a simple "profiling" mod, that can be used to see how much a persons area is used by the CPU in % and so on.. :) - and see what is harddest on the server in all the worlds at once..

    Hope to play with you all someday again!
  9. Germstorm

    Germstorm Whitelisted Player

    I only stopped playing on Godcraft only because real life caught on to me. Me, my brother and two friends had a great time experimenting with everything and optimizing our 4 person living space. It was also fun walking around and looking at other people's stuff.
    The server was the most stable server I have played on and -maybe this was thanks to the fee- but everyone was extremely civil. Sure, the mods were limited, but I have also tried fully modded versions and they were unstable as hell.

    I would like to start new with the latest versions, but the nostalgic in me would also keep the wonders that people built for the future. I think the best thing would be to MC edit every amazing structure into the center in read-only mode.
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  10. burns1200

    burns1200 Well-Known Member

    You seem to be very mad. Let me show you the door!
  11. Germstorm

    Germstorm Whitelisted Player

    Kane, you and all people kept telling me that it is impossible to share the map because of its size. If bandwidth is no issue, then simply make a torrent, minimally seed it until needed. I promise I will keep seeding it for a year if needed.
    This is what torrent was made for.

    Care to have a conversation about this?
  12. Togeh

    Togeh Whitelisted Player

    Shame to see it go, but totally understand why, a fresh start would be good to get a new community of new players in with visits from some of the old timers, i mean if i were new to GC I'd be somewhat intimidated by what's already there, to start new on it and make your mark on it helps become part of that new community.

    That said, i don't trust new people (or people at all) soooooo, ban the world :p
  13. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    There is a pretty high chance also for now anyways I will keep the Build Server going and maybe IC Server going on Godcraft even with a new server. Since I am not planning to dump the hardware since we have a pretty decent price on it and whatever I try to buy now would cost more.

    That being said if and whatever we create becomes big and uses resources we would have to slowly shutdown what we had here.

    The hardest part of starting a new site is creating a name that aint taken through domains.
  14. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    You aren't among "those who donated".

    You don't need to whine so hard either just to get your free download of everyone else's hard work. It's never an option to take down a Godcraft build server without posting a full download of the world.

    The forums going to stay up? We're still centralized here for moltenhead discussion.
  15. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Yes for sure.
  16. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    For people who don't know Almatha is Evenios. Just evading ban. I known this for some time I never cared much but that is why you see a lot of crying. Funny too because he talks about screwing peoples hard work when he went around actually doing that by griefing their hardwork.

    Anyways, Even if we start a new site if i can even come up with a name.... Godcraft I doubt will die overnight.
  17. Dorkinator

    Dorkinator Whitelisted Player

    If you make a torrent for it and send it to me I can seed it indefinitely. That being said...
    As to the future of the build server I personally don't mind it being scrapped but if you do plan on replacing it I have an idea I think would improve the longevity and play-ability of it. Basically my idea is changing the world system into an instance system, what I assume second life would work like.
    • Each paying player gets a 500x500 instance.
      • Can be upgraded via micro-transactions
      • Can be upgraded by joining with another player
      • Can have mobs enables/disabled
      • Fire tick enabled/disabled
      • Buying upgrades with in game currency to help with inflation
    • Each player gets to choose their starting seed and world type (nether, end, overworld)
      • Can be changed/re-rolled for a micro-transaction
    • Public 2000x2000 instances that get re-rolled every period of time for resource gathering.
      • Can have a vote every week for the type of world (end, nether, overworld)
      • Can vote on PvP/non-PvP for the week.
      • Can have 2 gathering instances for the week
      • Can remove an ore from generating in the resource gathering world
    • Also transportation between instances with portals, not commands.
    That's what comes to my mind for now, but if you do want to replace it with something this would be the best bet for longevity and would be pretty interesting to see what could be done.
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  18. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Dorkinator That is something we actually wanted to do a long long time ago. Not sure if you were around back when we talked about it. Sort of have a Lobby world where you walk around interact with NPC's and such more of a creative world worked on by a few of us... From there you take portals say like a housing portal to your own area or you could go to a friends etc via a command or maybe a part system.

    People could open theirs up maybe have special portals that people can be say vip1 or something that gets built for them at this creative lobby world...

    From there they can go into like you said public maybe wipe once month content or build in their own private instance.

    The only downside is performance would be hit hard and harder if it actually becomes a big thing. Mainly the second you generate fresh terrain like that it stalls the server. You know when you first create a new world. The 2nd biggest issue still is World size. Where Godcraft Build was big everyone start at spawn and traveled over everyone's plot. But here it be generating new terrain over and over.

    Though I do like the idea a lot but back then we did not really have the power for it.
  19. Dorkinator

    Dorkinator Whitelisted Player

    The problem with the lobby world in my personal opinion is that it takes focus away from players individual instances and creating a lobby would take away options from players. For instance if a player wanted to create a portal world that just linked to other players instances they could do that, and etc worlds. Would be nicer if players just spawned in their own instance that was that, they have to build their own portal that can either link to another players instance or a portal instance.

    I'm trying to replace the VIP with mtx but VIP could just get converted into this much mtx currency per month.

    The point of the once a week wipe is purely for resource gathering once a month is too long of a period.

    I agree that the performance will be the issue that's why the area for a default instance is 500x500 and upgrading is a mtx. But since instance size is limited you could generate the world on another computer and transfer the world to the server, or on the same server when there is a lull in activity.
  20. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    The biggest thing looking back is Micro transactions. I don't think I would ever do that just because number 1 complaint in the dev world is just that. Also the whole joining plots sort of ruins the fun there as well. I assume Dork you might know a few people who might have a dozen accounts they can access. That becomes a bit to taxing imagine 512x512 * 12 just for 1 single player.

    EDIT: One thing I want to say is I like making donations helping pay the server. The VIP feature I feel worked the best on Godcraft. You could judge easily how things were going from month to month where paid transactions and one time fees you could be boned the next day and I always feel like transaction fees are another way to scam the player from a max cap.. Someone could pay 1000 bucks and I don't like to ever have that feeling for anyone ever.

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