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Hey Godcraft.

Discussion in '[BS] - General Talk' started by Collinopolis, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Collinopolis

    Collinopolis Whitelisted Player

    Hello members of godcraft,

    Some of you may not know me but, I am collinopolis. I have played on the server for about a year now. Until I got banned. This wasn't a ban for hacking, or a ban for exploiting any duplicating strategies. I was banned for underestemating claimed land and the rules that come with it. Anyways back to the point,

    I have been playing on some different servers for awhile now, I was banned at around the beginning of new years. And I have been contemplating whether to even come back onto the forums. But, as you can see I am here.

    Alright, lets just get right to it. I was wondering if the godcraft community would want me back on the server. I know I have made some enemies, from me being Immature, or land disputes, but if you do not know who I am I wouldn't recommend you commenting on this thread. I am also aware that many old members have left the server. So if any remaining members could comment on this, that would be greatly appresiated.

    Thank you godcraft.


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