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Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by Haptoad, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Haptoad

    Haptoad Whitelisted Player

    Build 2 -550, 350
    (we hope to join the railsystem soon)​
    PvE Arena[​IMG]

    With Enchanting sales down, we have turned our Exp. Farm into a PvE Arena. This Arena is powered by 3 Mob Spawners and 3 Mob beds! HOPvEA is meant for 4 players who will fight to the death and try to be the last man standing. there are tricks and treasures with-in the arena, you'll need to adjust your game play as needed to thrive. All players clear their inventory and must pick weapon(s) and item(s) of their choice, and must gather/craft/use what they can to stay alive as an onslaught of minecrafts minions attack them. Each Match will have a Fee (1-3 diamonds) that goes to the upkeep/items used and the Winners Pot. Players may opt for higher Top Prizes.
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  2. Haptoad

    Haptoad Whitelisted Player

    All Fees are being waved as the Arena is being Tested. anyone willing to test the limits of the Arena are welcome...even with full Enchanted Diamond gear. we do feel at Full spawn rate, any player will go down.
  3. DeviousMcDub

    DeviousMcDub Whitelisted Player

    Cool! I'll have to check this out soon :)
  4. SpiritBuilderr

    SpiritBuilderr Whitelisted Player

    Tested it, was lots of fun =D

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