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I got to fly in a B-17 today!

Discussion in '[BS] - General Talk' started by Sniper3, May 22, 2011.

  1. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    Yep! A B-17! The plane that dropped more bombs in WWII then any other plane!


    This is the B-17 that I flew in:


    I flew up in the very front! The nose gunner's seat!


    A in flight view!


    It was one of the most amazing flights I ever had and I thought that I'd share. :)
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  2. hibbs6

    hibbs6 Whitelisted Player

    Sniper, I am jealous.
  3. Pjstorm12

    Pjstorm12 Whitelisted Player

    Drop Dead.
  4. Dorkinator

    Dorkinator Whitelisted Player

    Cool bro. I got to stay home all day and play MC.
  5. Zach00123

    Zach00123 Whitelisted Player

    Very nice. I got to fly in one for Oshkosh up in Wisconsin. I have someone that owns one :3
  6. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    Also saw a sweet P-51 there too:

  7. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    You HAVE someone that owns one?

    Like you own the person that owns the B-17?

    I thought slavery was abolished!
  8. JustinoLatino

    JustinoLatino Whitelisted Player

    Why are there Nazi swastikas on the P-51?
    JuiceHead likes this.
  9. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    That's the amount of Nazi planes that P-51 shot down.
  10. JustinoLatino

    JustinoLatino Whitelisted Player

    Oh, okay. That makes sense. So that's a real P-51 made back when it was the highest tech fighter in the US air force? There are still company's that make P-51s I'm pretty sure, but they're different from the originals.
  11. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    Yes, that is a real WWII P-51. And no, no company makes them. There are only a few left that are fully operational like that one.
  12. elpacco

    elpacco Whitelisted Player

    Those are by far one of the most badass war planes.
  13. JustinoLatino

    JustinoLatino Whitelisted Player

    I swear there are people that recreate them using modern engines etc. I could very well be wrong though.
  14. Zach00123

    Zach00123 Whitelisted Player

    And yea, I do. He's about 90 years old I suppose. Hopefully he takes it out of his BARN!
  15. JuiceHead

    JuiceHead Whitelisted Player

    That's really cool. I flew in one of those a couple years ago too. Amazing experience.
  16. BlandSauce

    BlandSauce Whitelisted Player

    I will respectfully disagree and offer instead the P-38 Lightning.
  17. xpgkaz

    xpgkaz Whitelisted Player

    *drool* My grandfather used to work as an engineer on such planes. I'd love to fly in one like that as well!
  18. mrcrawford84

    mrcrawford84 Whitelisted Player

    Ah, the fork-tailed devil! :3

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