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I love how safe and clean wind turbines are...

Discussion in '[BS] - General Talk' started by Sniper3, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player


    People killed in the US due to wind turbines: 67
    People killed in the US due to nuclear power plants: 0

    Just saying...
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  2. Sounas

    Sounas Whitelisted Player

    On a population of 300 million 67 deaths over the years is peanuts.
    The disaster in Tsjernobyl took a toll of 50.000+ deaths and the same could have happened in that mile island USA and more recently Japan.

    Saying that wind energy is more dangerous than nuclear energy is just ignorant.
  3. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    Chernobyl was a joke standard wise compared to the US standards and as long as you don't build plants on fault lines or in a place prone to earthquakes & tsunamis it's the safest, most effective source of energy.
  4. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    I'm sure the numbers would look very different if you didn't just pull them out of your ass.


    Land made uninhabitable by radioactive fallout: *insert random number*
    Land made uninhabitable by wind turbines: 0

    Just saying...
  5. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    I didn't pull them out of my ass, I said IN THE USA, which isn't a backwards country like Ukraine, yet.
  6. Zach00123

    Zach00123 Whitelisted Player

    Well on the plus side we're getting there by the DOW going down over 600+ points today :D
  7. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    That makes it what? 1200+ points down since we raised the debt ceiling? Lol, I see that's working well...
  8. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    In soviet russia, statistics pull YOU our of their ass.

    seriously though, I put no value in a random number you put up on the screen. even the chernobyl numbers run between 64 and 985,000 depending on how you count them.

    the fact that it's zero is really suspicious too. Clearly those numbers are being limited to only those directly associated with radiation from nuclear power plants while the wind turbines numbers get to include people who have been electrocuted or fallen off the towers.
  9. Sounas

    Sounas Whitelisted Player

    I'm glad to see you hold your co-earthlings in such high regard.

    What is your point there? Fact remains that the US and Japan also almost suffered a nuclear disaster like Tjernobyl. It doesn't matter how save US or German or whatever Nuclear facilities are. One mistake.
    One. miniscule. mistake. And you potentially have the deaths of millions of people.
    Put your damn nationalist feelings aside for one moment will you.

    Also, wind turbines ARE cleaner since the amount of coal nuclear facilities need is pretty high.
    And then i'm. not talking about the nuclear waste.
    Which is left to rot in the oceans and space.
    For thousands of years.

    You get the drift
  10. Puppet1012

    Puppet1012 Whitelisted Player

    Well. The solution is quite obvious. See all you have to do is get a USB Power cord. Plug one end into your USB port and the other side into your power cable port. INFINITE ENERGY.

    >implying wind energy isn't clean or safe.

    Instead of comparing Wind / Nuclear. How about we compare Wind/Nuclear to traditional sources of energy. Coal, oil, Etc. Those are the ones we are supposed to be moving away from and to be quite frank, switching to EITHER wind or nuclear as a majority source would be fantastic.
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  11. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    I agree with Puppet, USB energy for all!
  12. Pjstorm12

    Pjstorm12 Whitelisted Player

    speaking of stock, how far down is google? and cisco?
  13. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    That gives me an idea.
    I may have a way to solve world hunger! I just need some volunteers.
  14. Pjstorm12

    Pjstorm12 Whitelisted Player

    this scares me a little.
  15. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    Since debt law was signed...

    Google - 604 down to 544. (-60 or -10%)
    Cisco - 15.7 down to 13.79 (-1.91 or -8.2%)

    AKA nosediving.
  16. mrcrawford84

    mrcrawford84 Whitelisted Player

  17. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Whitelisted Player

    The first picture is my favorite
  18. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    I've seen it. I was thinking about a clip from a simpsons episode though, but since FOX doesn't want to share the simpsons with youtube I can only show you this link: http://www.snpp.com/episodes/AABF11

  19. lord_kruor

    lord_kruor Whitelisted Player

    Neither of them are dangerous. Objects are only dangerous in the hands of people who deserve to get hurt by them through ignorance and missuse. People who think they are dangerous are idiots.

    I would buy a house next to a nuclear plant and not worry at all.

    Im looking forward to the point where its cheaper to simply round poor/stupid people up and convert them into energy.
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  20. madcat1030

    madcat1030 Whitelisted Player

    Some total creeper made a movie about that. Answer: Just don't.

    EDIT: Oh look, somebody beat me to it.

    And yeah, Nuclear Plants are only as dangerous as the planning committees are stupid. Nuclear plants in japan were always a risk. It's a highly unstable area. Also, whoever planned the INSIDE of those facilities... Lacked common sense. You know where they stored the spent reactant*? In a concrete bunker. Located ABOVE the reactor. WHYYYY? I always thought that kind of stuff went underground...


    *Used the word "reactant" because I couldn't be bothered to go and look to confirm if the proper term for Nuclear Plants was cores, rods, tanks or something else. I don't tend to keep that kind of info on the quick-access portion of my brain.

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