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Industrial Server News: Industrial 1.2.5 Launch Tomorrow 5/10/2012!

Discussion in 'Server & Site News' started by Kane, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    I will post at the top of this topic if more info comes in.

    Update 1:
    Tomorrow is going to be the big day! Tons of new features with almost every mod with new features and some big features off the top of my head is wireless redstone, computers, bee's and much much more its going to be an exciting day! The world is also going be expanded 500 blocks out giving us an extra 36% more land increase.

    If anything big or small comes up then will delay the launch till Friday! NO ETA ON LAUNCH But the server will go down around 7-8AM and be down for a few hours!

    Support the darn server:
    We are also releasing some of the new features for a few weeks for VIP 3 only. Why? because they help us pay the bills and TBH we hardly get any new players and the resources a Industrial Server takes is insane to keep her running. I think it's fair you will all have access to some of these features in the future but not all.

    Things that will be VIP 3 Only:
    - Nuclear Control (Alarms / Monitor)
    - RedPower Computers
    - Wireless Redstone
    - Bee Keeping
    - Builder
    - Filler

    Bees Limited Warning:
    Please note were keeping Bee's rare. Instead of everyone being lucky getting every kind and every type or maybe even getting any were just going to make it so its only first come first serve. There is a rare chance you can gain more then 1 princess and its up to you to be a large provider of bee's or bee goods or keep it to yourself. This is part of the game and I think this adds a bit of a market.

    I also want to warn you of the following things that can't be fixed period and just want you to know ahead what they are:
    - RedPower Logic has been revamped. You still have the same stuff but it will cause all the old ones to vanish and including the ones in your inventory and chests. Nothing we can do they are gone for good. (I have a stack of each CRAP!)
    - TubeStuff (Buffer / CraftingTable II) Had some major rework done. You will end up with a new one but you will end up having any items inside them removed. My suggestion would be to take your items out and pick them up but your choice if you want to leave them on the ground or not.
    - Teleport Pipes / Distro Pipes will be getting revamped also. All their info in the pipe will be reset like count, freq, and even what player who owns it. Suggestion here would be to pick them all up but if you don't just break and place them again when the server stats.
    - Double Doors with the Lockette on them will have to be broken and placed again. This might even include just double doors period. This is because of the way Vanilla changed some double door mechanics back in 1.2.
    - RP Sonic Screwdriver can only be charged by the small RP Bats in your inventory by right clicking them after you charged these bats through the RP Batbox.
    - Terrain was changed since 1.2, this means that the expanded land might look a bit funny. Not much we can do but its not as bad as I was worried about.

    List of Banned Items:
    - 136::1792 (Fluid Pipe)
    - 6359::-1 (Wireless Sniffer)
    - 6360::-1 (Wireless Map)
    - 6361::-1 (Wireless Tracker)
    - 6362::-1 (REP)
    - 6363::-1 (Private Sniffer)
    - 6410::-1 (Blaze Transceiver)
    - 6412::-1 (Blaze Receiver Dish)
    - 186::512 (Wireless Jamer)
    - 255::1 (Rainmaker)
    - 217::14 (Ejector)
    - 217::15 (Relay)
    - 30208::-1 (Laser Gun)
    - 170::2 (Black Hole Chest)
    - 181::5 (Crystal Chest)
    - 185::-1 (Support Frame)
    - 208::1 (Rainmaker)
    - 216::1 (RP Pump)
    - 216::3 (RP Grate)
    - 217::7 (Frame Motor)
    - 237::-1 (Nuke)
    - 239::-1 (Industrial TNT)
    - 250::11 (Recycler)
    - 250::15 (Terraformer)
    - 254::-1 (Teleport Tether)
    - 30118::-1 (TFBP)
    - 30141::-1 (TFBP)
    - 30142::-1 (TFBP)
    - 30143::-1 (TFBP)
    - 30144::-1 (TFBP)
    - 30145::-1 (TFBP)
    - 30146::-1 (TFBP)
    - 30213::-1 (TFBP)
    - 30214::-1 (TFBP)
    - 30215::-1 (TFBP)
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  2. Harticus78

    Harticus78 Whitelisted Player

    Why does it always come down to if you're not VIP3 you're not worth a damn? I joined GC back in January and 2 or 3 days later paid for PVP access. If you look at your upgrades page it still says, and always has said, that if you pay you get access to the PVP/PVE world. Granted when i paid there was no PVE world as of yet but it came with no notice and little fanfare and was announced as a perk for VIP3 members. No mention of the people who purchased PVP access. I still have no access to PVE.

    In short, change your 'upgrade' language or grant me access to PVE. According to GC I paid for it and should have access. And if you can't tell by the above paragraph, I am beyond irritated by this incessant classification of VIP'3's are the only people that support the server. I paid. I read the forums daily. I tell anyone I meet who is a gamer about Minecraft first and then I mention the fun I've had with Godcraft. Is that not support?

    AJ Hart
    Starbucks Store Manager
    Proud Gamer
    Lover of Minecraft
    Supporter of Godcraft.
  3. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    All I heard was due to no players signing up I should shutdown the server and forget about Godcraft? Was this correct?
  4. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Server coming down for updates. This might be many many hours!
  5. fauxiss

    fauxiss Whitelisted Player

    Godcraft is amazing. I have recommended it to 4 people and 3 of the have signed up. One of them said he was going to sign up soon. No complaints. I think people should go find a different server if they want to complain.
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  6. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    haha that might be a tad mean. Everyone will get most features this just a reward for people who want to put a few extra into the server. Also this is also a major limitation on some features were still not sure on stability and etc. This way we can scale back their uses more.
  7. customchris

    customchris Whitelisted Player

    so i take it you will give us the files to update our client
  8. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    yes when its up
  9. customchris

    customchris Whitelisted Player

    well I just want to thank you for the time spent on the update and the sever overall...... i have been on here a month and i love it ... good job!
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  10. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Couple of more hours and she should be ready. Takes time to Convert the map, Expand the world, Generate the expanded world, Render a new map from scratch and test to make sure the common sql stuff is working and touch up on any bugs I found during this process.

    And the annoying company does not help :p
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  11. johnmg3

    johnmg3 Whitelisted Player

    Thx for the update. Good luck on the rest of the process! I've got calls for work anyway... but will keep an eye out. Client 21 or will there be a new one?
  12. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Major Delay no ETA johnmg3 takes the blame for this...

    ALL THE MODS ARE GENERATING NEW ORE. So there is like 3x copper 3x tin and etc etc... And that's not a big issue but they all have diff id's causing some really annoying issues.

    Told you something would fuck up John :p
  13. Kyle Epstein

    Kyle Epstein New Member

    Yay, 1.2.5 launch! However, why oh why are Frames and the RP liquid mechanics blacklisted? Also, what's a Black Hole Chest? What mod adds it? Never seen nor heard of 0ne before.
  14. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    Frames can and do cause massive client and server-side lag.

    RP liquid mechanics can easily drain an OCEAN.

    Black Hole chest is a new chest from Immbis's Tubestuff. It has issues (not ready for SMP) and it's got infinite storage which we think is unlegit.
  15. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    Not to mention that it eats items.
  16. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Catching up now I would say couple hours to go. I had to redo what I blamed john for. Also had some major permission issues that I had missed and I'm also adding lockette to a few things like Monitors, apiary, (they already added for diamond chests). And a few more things I have to test and we should be golden.
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  17. Tuzy

    Tuzy Whitelisted Player

    Lockette for Diamond chests???

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  18. johnmg3

    johnmg3 Whitelisted Player

    So how would I have known new ores would generate? These mods aren't new to this IC server... Back at ya!! :D And why did that not pose a problem on test this week?

    Fine, put it on me.. I can take it.

    Not to mention, I did have a partner in all this BearJew1986
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  19. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    No one would know if the ores would generate. They would have to just mine in the new areas to test out make sure ores are spawning and such :p
  20. fauxiss

    fauxiss Whitelisted Player

    Sorry for my earlier post. Is Lockette being added for all the chests in the iron chest mod?
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