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Is the Server Down? (Post in This Thread Only)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kane, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. wudosu

    wudosu Whitelisted Player

    GCA server is down :(
  2. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

  3. MiiniMan123

    MiiniMan123 Whitelisted Player

    I cant get onto the IC server even though i used the latest launcher?

    It says i need Forestry

    How long is it going to be down for?
  4. tomh3093

    tomh3093 Whitelisted Player

    ic build needs Forestry but the launcher gives you go download it and change the file yourself.

    Here is the link http://bit.ly/Mebw3k
  5. tomh3093

    tomh3093 Whitelisted Player

    back online
  6. AssassinNinjas

    AssassinNinjas New Member

    Time: 8:27 EST
    date: 08/02/2012
    Character: AssassinNinjas
    Error: Can't reach server
    More Info: I don't have any other info
  7. NeoDraconis

    NeoDraconis Whitelisted Player

    Internal exception: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out I just keep getting this every now and again I am unsure if the problem is on my end or what.
  8. alonelydinosaur

    alonelydinosaur Whitelisted Player

    Time: 3:27 EST
    date: 08/24/2012
    Character: alonelydinosaur
    Error: "Connection refused: Connect"
    More Info: "It's down

  9. baseballboss9

    baseballboss9 Whitelisted Player

    Which Server?
    ElectroBot likes this.
  10. alonelydinosaur

    alonelydinosaur Whitelisted Player

  11. baseballboss9

    baseballboss9 Whitelisted Player

    Oh It says its offline for me too???
  12. baseballboss9

    baseballboss9 Whitelisted Player

    Its back up.
  13. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    Build server down.

    disconnected 11:52PM PST

    right after i asked who would like to join the phi overnight crew
  14. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    All of the servers were unreacheable for around 3 minutes. Porbably a network problem.
  15. seanover

    seanover Whitelisted Player

    Time: 2:52AM EST
    date: 09/22/2012
    Character: seanover
    Error: "can't reach the server"
    More Info: see the pic below

  16. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    up again... timelapse will jump backwards a bit as far as the camera position is concerned.
  17. Matsykun

    Matsykun Whitelisted Player

    So, I tried logging into the Build/GCA servers just now.. I'm getting a 503 error for GCA, and an Internal Exception for the Build server.. T_T anyone know wat a gwaan??
  18. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    Mojang Multiplayer authentication servers are down. You can't log onto a server until they're back up.

    Minecraft multiplayer sessions

    This service is down! We are doing our very best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

  19. Matsykun

    Matsykun Whitelisted Player

    Thanks Electro! I knew i could count on you :3

    Makes me sad, had to pick up some pumpkins from Scuttle D=
  20. johnmg3

    johnmg3 Whitelisted Player

    IC is down this morning. Restart please..

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