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Notice: Kane's Let's Play Modded Minecraft 1.6.2 Series.

Discussion in 'Server & Site News' started by Kane, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Everyone! I started my Let's Play Series about 48-72 hours ago from this post. The server is running and you can watch the first episode here:

    .:Click Here For The Playlist:.

    Would you like to play?
    Now a few people have private messaged me wondering if they can join. I have decided I will allow a small amount of people on the server if they can agree to a few things. don't annoy others, don't trespass without asking, don't lag the server, don't cheat, and the biggest one if you think you might be causing lag or crashing the server then trying posting in this thread ASAP and letting us know so we can fix it. If you think you might be causing lag then try to fix it. Problem solve don't leave it to me to have to fix all your problems.

    The only other thing I'm asking because were not placing special protection systems and such onto the server it's just pretty much vanilla is that you need to be a whitelist member of Godcraft who has been on one of our tech servers in the past and has never been banned for anything recently or should I say anything that would make us not accept you on the server. But heck if you are not sure just post here asking anyways!

    The whole point of this server is for people to have fun maybe play with friends on here and have a good time for the rest the summer.

    MCUpdater does not exist btw. I will release everything in a zip file. But you will have to learn how to do a few things on your own but it's really easy and I will write instructions out for you guys. I just need a day or 2 to prepare the server for more then just me.

    If you like to join then say so below besides that feel free to comment and lets have some fun one more time on Godcraft!
  2. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

  3. AuroraFinem

    AuroraFinem Whitelisted Player

    I'd be interested as long as the server will be up for a long time.
  4. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    The server will be up till 1.7+ When I run another same type of modded server. So (2-3 Months I would assume at least, Or till everyone quits and stops logging in for days.
  5. AuroraFinem

    AuroraFinem Whitelisted Player

    Why only a few months? Do you just want a fresh start after the biome update?
  6. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Because the modded servers just don't upgrade right from 1 version to the other. You end up missing a mod or 2 that are important then you end up having to leave the server dying. Have you ever played Minecraft 1.2.5 the IC Server.

    Also because I do a fresh Let's Play every new version and you will notice almost all the mods change a lot.. If you play on this server you will find that GregTech has changed core mechanics of the game the vanilla mechanics. Things like that.

    This server is for my Let's Play Series not suitable nor created for very long time use.
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  7. AuroraFinem

    AuroraFinem Whitelisted Player

    I never played on our IC server but I'd played on many FTB servers with friends, but that seems understandable.
  8. tundra2456

    tundra2456 Whitelisted Player

    could I join?
  9. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah guys I don't see to much of an issue depending if enough want to actually play. If it's 2-3 I might not bother just be warned not trying be insulting :p
  10. tundra2456

    tundra2456 Whitelisted Player

  11. AuroraFinem

    AuroraFinem Whitelisted Player

    If I could make a suggestion, you could try using one of the FTB mod packs for this and you'd be pretty safe about updating to the newer versions without losing mods or having to restart as much.
  12. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    This is mainly a discussion about the future "Build" server (Vanilla/Bukkit, NOT modded).

    As for FTB, they are not trying to keep version compatibility between major Minecraft versions.
  13. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not into playing 3 months from now and I'm not into running a server for players. I was extending the door open for anyone who wanted to play. I decided to keep that closed now for obvious reasons.

    Also They on purposely break FTB from update to update.

  14. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    Derp. Wrong thread.
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  15. luke3690

    luke3690 Whitelisted Player

    Just wondering, is it alright if I join the server or are u keeping it closed for now?
  16. sirkev4

    sirkev4 Whitelisted Player

    well I would like to try to play on the server kane.
  17. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    The server was shutdown already and my series canceled from the lack of interested people and due too many bugs.

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