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Large Building Project (School) To Unlock BuildCraft.

Discussion in '[IC] - Projects' started by Kane, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Now this might not unlocked it right away but it be a goal anyways to produce a really nice large school near the 0,0 say up to 500 out even on a ocean if we wanted etc...

    Pretty much a large education project. So what we do to unlock new content is we build a school for the past content. So we would make a school for IC stuff. Why not for BC? Simple we don't want to ruin the discovery of the update and etc. This would be a wonderful way to provide a good tutorial for new and old players. Talk about good setups and bad setups and etc etc. 100's of signs explaining things and much more.

    So this will be a thread I guess to talk about what Education building you want I assume a university. And of course ideas planning locations and project leader(s)!
  2. Sirdevinstine

    Sirdevinstine Whitelisted Player

    MIT Americas premiere Tech school
  3. kos_x_iwilkes

    kos_x_iwilkes Whitelisted Player

    I would be happy to help with the buildings/digging, however I don't think I'm knowledgeable to write signs and stuff!

    Any kind of university would be good, we could have chambers of the main setup with examples of wiring and solar panels and such?
  4. djbrooks06

    djbrooks06 Whitelisted Player

    this would be a big project. although i could def help build the actual school / university itself.
  5. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    That mean you want to lead it again :p
  6. Twilkey

    Twilkey Whitelisted Player

    Once we pick a spot for this, i can build the tunnel connecting this to the quantum way. We may be able to use the tunnel aswell for signs.
  7. djbrooks06

    djbrooks06 Whitelisted Player

    im hoping for someone to be eager to lead it. if nobody wants the job, i may lead it again. i cant promise a finish product as fast as trade.
  8. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah I don't blame you on this. Godcraft has a weakness for project leadership. You are one the few who is willing.
  9. Greaterix

    Greaterix Whitelisted Player

    I would love to lead a project like this, however I fear uni commitments will prevent me doing an adequate job :(

    Be helping when I can tho :)
  10. Marchingbandjs

    Marchingbandjs Whitelisted Player

    I can definitely help out, I just do not have the time available to spearhead a project.
  11. kingcam2

    kingcam2 Whitelisted Player

    Ok how about I lead it as I have heaps of free time on my hand now.
  12. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Do you have a resume of building projects that you lead or did on your own..
  13. kingcam2

    kingcam2 Whitelisted Player

    Sorry no I don't I have Never done one before.
  14. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    I need someone with a bit of experience not just times on their hands. Sorry :(
  15. kingcam2

    kingcam2 Whitelisted Player

    Ok then I'm Happy help work on it.
  16. djbrooks06

    djbrooks06 Whitelisted Player

    at least we have quite a bit of people willing to help on the project. now a leader must rise.
    Kane likes this.
  17. Twilkey

    Twilkey Whitelisted Player

    I have already started on this. I am currently creating the bridge from spawn to ouside the protected area so that people can help without needing permission to build in the protected area.

    I guess I can lead the project.

    First I must ask, does anyone have any good ideas on any big buildings that would be good for this? Maybe you have an image, or even some blueprints? Just keep in mind, this building has to be able to be made in Minecraft, duh, and there is a height limit.
  18. Greaterix

    Greaterix Whitelisted Player

    the pentagon maybe? :p
  19. mmppss

    mmppss Whitelisted Player

    I am willig to help!
  20. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

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