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Lore of Godcraft [Public]

Discussion in '[BS] - General Talk' started by LeftWing, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. LeftWing

    LeftWing Whitelisted Player

    I know that godcraft doesn't have a very heavy role playing community. however i noticed its started to develop a lore of its own anyway, what with the carp/cow gods.

    so I've decided that I'll write a lore for it, partially because i find that type of thing fun, and partially because i need to kill time while i cant access minecraft.net (i don't know why i cant). here are my current idea's pm me for clarification

    4 main gods:

    master of the north
    mistress of the south
    prince of the eastern lands
    princess of the western lands

    and obviously the cow and carp gods, the background to the spawn-hut, all these things, anyone have any objections or lore points. post bellow. also the 4 main gods need better names.

    what i have so far:
    The creation of Godcraftia:

    Godcraftia, the land of Godcraft, was formed when the 4 ancient gods of cardinal direction formed a deal. For millennia before, the gods of cardinal direction had waged war on each other; the east and west constantly battling for ownership of the sun, and the south, jealous of the north for its polarization. They battled for millennia over a barren land; however, in one moment of piece, they all signed a treaty. A treaty of unison, which pulled them all together, and they created a point where all things would begin and end. In millennia to come, the humans if Godcraftia built a hut on this ancient site, and so it became known as ‘the spawn hut’; and so the land became thriving with life, and peace did reign.


    still to do
    >god list
    >info on all the towns, cities and settlements
    >ancient ways
    >the way districts

    this has been moved here for public viewing.
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  2. r3ddfox

    r3ddfox Whitelisted Player

    Sorry to make it complicated LeftWing, was just trying to bring your hard work into a bigger spotlight. [​IMG]
  3. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    keep up the good work :) Might even make a RPG out of this and yes we will over time and add npc's and quests and such!
  4. Hiby90

    Hiby90 Whitelisted Player

  5. lord_kruor

    lord_kruor Whitelisted Player

    What about the Great Sundering: Where, gigantic tunnels carved through the very earth along ancient lay lines to form the ancient tunnels now used by godcraftians as a subway line :D

    I duno, are you looking for lore contributions? or are only a few of us allowed to flex our creative muscles for a laff? ^_^

    Good idea for Lore tho.

    Lore could also include (non-'project') contributions from players. Take one of my own creations: The Palace of Shadows. People could contribute their own stories about significant places like this for others to read about and enjoy. Also, that way people would be encourages to travel around seeing some of these really cool places :D

    Just a thought
  6. Cotte

    Cotte Whitelisted Player

    Viva La West!
    We will banish all southborns and beginn constructing our machines of war!
  7. LeftWing

    LeftWing Whitelisted Player

    I live in south and west...
  8. Quizzbee

    Quizzbee Whitelisted Player

    Well, one story that must be told would be the one about a previous mod named Bieb, and the burning of his wood city. If you want. I'll explain it in greater detail on vent if you'd like :D

    Also, im kind of a whore between North, South, And East...
  9. Mikenter

    Mikenter Whitelisted Player

    I like where this is going! Are you looking for other people's input? It would be amusing to write about a war between west and east (just because that makes more sense to me then north and south... >.>) that happened early on in the stages of the godcraftia(?) world. How people of the west took up arms against their brethren of the east and fight for their god. Maybe the war could be settled by some intervention of the north and south bringing to light that the gods have already settled their differences and so should the humans of the world? The hut could be built as a symbol of recognizing the gods decision and the closer to a brutal war. Each wing would have been built by a member of a different god. East built west wing, west built east wing. You get my point. As a sign of respect.

    You would think the lore of each civilization (towns/cities/underground omg (*cough*Moria*cough*) be written by the people of that city. At least that would make it most fair right?

    Also what if any of our more artistically creative members draws symbol or whatnot for each god. Maybe an illustration of the god, or just something to symbolize them (like the cross or star.)

    I also think the ideas of a water god and a lava god would be nice, though I would say those would be demigods to the gods of direction.

    I'm just throwing ideas out there.
  10. LeftWing

    LeftWing Whitelisted Player

    good input mike. next update will be soon. just want to get the ancent ways bit finished
  11. Bieb

    Bieb Member

    I remember this.

  12. Sniper3

    Sniper3 Whitelisted Player

    Hey Bieb!
  13. hibbs6

    hibbs6 Whitelisted Player

    Whoa, Bieb.... That brings back memories...
  14. Bieb

    Bieb Member

    Nice to see at least some people from way back when are still here. :)
  15. jell0zz

    jell0zz Whitelisted Player

    Awesome Idea on the player giving things a special name,

    Perhaps my village could be the place where the rebel(?) King grew up, I've got a windmill, and right now im building a medieval(ish) townsquare.

    I've got a small chapel, the works. (3.3K north)
  16. laxlohi

    laxlohi Whitelisted Player

    Damnit! Why does the west have a princess!? I call dibs on Thor :/
  17. ztww89

    ztww89 Whitelisted Player

    I would donate my castle dungeon for a godcraftia. level 1 :p

    I'm sure people would like to build statues and temples for these gods as well. Maybe even go so far as making scarred earth for old battlefields between the sides.

    Personally, I also like the god names from that link too. God for each direction, makes sense.

  18. DuskfireDream

    DuskfireDream Whitelisted Player

    I like this idea very much. When I've played in Godcraft a bit, I think I might give some input and suggestions for the story, because I'd like to see the story expand.
  19. TriggerLive

    TriggerLive Whitelisted Player

    This is the intro I used for my lets play. It won't completely fit with this story but it could get some ideas going :D

    In a world of absolute Darkness and nothingness it was silent. A great God arose from the depths of the universe and he brought light unto the world, he became known as the God of Light. With his presence animals and trees were able to sprout out of nothing. But there was a dark presence; anywhere that the God of Light could not touch became foul and unpleasant, creatures with horror as their souls lived in these unimaginable areas. They became known as the Dark Ones. After eons of peace the Dark Ones drew together and rose up against the God of Light. They elected their leader who they called the God of Darkness. The war between the God of Light and the God of Darkness never ended. It was a constant struggle between them both and because of this the Dark Ones took many of the animal’s lives. The God of Light knew he could not let this continue to happen so he let the Dark Ones take over the land until he could overcome the Dark Ones. After years of darkness the light suddenly broke through the clouds, and with it came an unknown creature it walked up straight and had the ability to craft items. The God of Light told the creature that it was to be known as “man” and that it had a brief time of light before the darkness came, the God of Light told the man of resources that could give light in the dark and that he was to use these to his advantage, the man’s job was to watch over the creatures of the light and fight the Dark Ones. The God of Darkness saw this and made counter humans, some who smelled of rotting meat and others that were made of bone. Man was put on to the earth and had a small amount of time to find shelter… just before Man was put down the God of Light said something. He spoke of great treasures that were deep in world and were guarded be the Dark Ones, but if found they were worth it…
  20. DuskfireDream

    DuskfireDream Whitelisted Player

    A nice basis for a story.

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