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Main Subway

Discussion in 'Subway / Train Grid/System/Layout Projects!!!' started by Shaostoul, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    Coolio, so just making the subway then :D I guess a bit later I can design a station for 4N4E
  2. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    I figure I should clarify as to the condition of West 2000 Station along the main subway. First things first, before I proceed any further: The cobble is temporary. I like having things one type of block while I'm building the main structure for some build projects. In the case of West 2000 Station, I'm using cobble temporarily until it gets to a state of completion where it can then be worked on to be made "beautiful". If this is a problem to you, don't go there and wait until it is done. I find it rather distracting and annoying when someone complains that "DON'T BUILD IT IN COBBLE!!!" and it's not a finished project.​
    The west 2000 station is operation, to an extent. The arrive and departure area is finished for the most part. They work, you can arrive at west 2000 with the /st 2000 command now and you can depart from the station with the dealio provided.​
    The private terminal area is not finished. There is a lift going up to a small room and that's it. This will dug out and set up as normal more or less. If you think the walls or floors should be a certain material, you are free to put them in a chest with a private sign on it labeled to me. I do not want any special "no refundable" resources to be placed until the time is right.​
    When I get to the point of adding a lift to the surface, I would like to request the aid of someone with the /top command. (Moderator or VIP)​
    That's all for now.​
  3. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    Update for the end of today.

    I made the tunnel section and station section "pretty".

    I've begun digging some more of the private terminal area.

    Private terminal area is to continue when I get on next.
  4. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    Update for the 5:30 AM May 07, 2011...

    West 2000 is done, all of it.

    All private terminal areas are available at this time. There are a total of 16 private terminal spots.

    The departure and arrival area has been made small and simple for the sake of space and safety.

    The private terminal area is hugely open. I am slightly sad about how I had to design the lift areas to go up to the surface and down to subway, but I think it's good enough. It's different! For those curious, I had the way to go up raise above the ground and the way to go down sunken into the ground, both are sunken into the ground, due to the lighting that I put up. I do really enjoy the way I lit the place, it took forever and was very costly to build that.

    The surface has a little hut that's well lit and has a door. I thought it'd be better than a 1x2 post with a sign on it. We should come up with a symbol for the subway entrance areas. So it can placed visibly so subway access is easy to find.

    I went through about 5 or so diamond picks, about 2 diamond shovels, half a diamond axe, I spent roughly 18 diamond on sandstone bought from Dorkinator. Thank you Dorkinator for being the ONLY person freaking selling sand or sandstone. >.> Other material losses include some gravel, probably half or 3/4 of an inventories worth (That was my own, a lot of it was replenished due to the large quantity of gravel at the site. Quite a bit of log/plank. Some smooth half-steps. Smooth stone and coal. (Coal for torches and smooth stone) A lot of cobble was mined and a lot was placed to fill holes. The materials for the subway track/station. About a stack of track, 4 brick, 6 boosters, 1 jackolantern, 2 iron ore, 1 mossy cobblestone, about 32 redstone, 2 buttons and I think that is it for that.

    That pretty much sums it up. Enjoy your brand new 2000 West Main-Subway Station!

    I received some glass and some smooth? from Confuzzledyma and some logs from I think it was ElectriclZombie. Zach00123 assisted with the placing of an above ground lift sign so I could get to the surface. I don't have /top so yeah...

    I think I'll go an bring 4k west back to operational levels and then begin work for Sounas on the Venatum subway. I haven't noticed a dire need for it to be fixed or at least no one has made it seem like it is really needed. Also @Sounas it'd be helpful if you could reply to the PM I sent you. If you didn't get it or accidentally deleted it, I'll resend. I'll have another PM to send you after depending on your reply.

    That's all for now! Let me know what you guys think of the 2000 west station!

    -quick edit-

    There are a few chests in the terminal area, just ignore those, they're mine and I'll be using that stuff for the 4k west station. XD
  5. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    So thanks to RubTheRipper, I have devised an awesome plan for a new spawn station. What if I made the central room at the bottom a map! Where it shows what track is working, which isn't, etc. We could also mark where stuff is on the map if it is big enough. This is making wish we could place signs flat on the floor.

    Anyways, this would also allow me to do other spawn changes and all that fun stuff. I however am not going to just do it, seeing as it is spawn. I believe I need permission from @Kane and @Sniper3.

    Also, on a side note on the progress of the subway.

    A temporary station has been built at the north spawn station due to the mysterious unloaded chunk. I'm finishing work on the south 2k station. Annnnnnnnd idno from there.
  6. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    How much room do you need to "accurately" represent the entire subway system on a "floor map"?

    I have storage space at 210 West and could donate space below it if needed.
  7. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    Well I'd be doing it at the spawn station. If allowed to. I would rather it be there than anywhere else seeing as it's well... the center of our world.
  8. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    I figured that, but it would be better to have a draft that you could present to Kane/Sniper3 before digging in spawn area.
  9. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    I s'pose... I'd probably just draw it in and post a pic.
  10. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    So I timed the south subway with the new speed signs in and it's 8 minutes to go from spawn to 8k south. Averaging about a minute and 1 or 2 seconds every 1000 blocks. Enjoy :)

    I also removed all of the notice signs. I think I'm going to re-add signs at the spawn that state the stations and that's it. For the sake of newbies.

    During my examination of all of the south track only 1 person was still connected to the main subway, but it was an old sorter block. So I just closed it up.

    Also south 4k 6k 8k could use to be redone.

    Upon Snipers request, he wants me to redesign the stations I made (2k west and 2k south) just a wee bit so that you can't just walk on the track where the minecart spawns and stops at so people don't get pushed around, but it happens anyways :/

    ALSO!!! There is no slowing down to let the map load thanks to @Kane for removing void damage! So thank Kane for his generous changing of settings. So no one should die in the subway any more. I've fallen to -1000 while tethered with my phone, so I know you don't die.
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  11. Kooj

    Kooj Whitelisted Player

    Thank you, Kane
  12. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    So I'm headed to see a problem at 6k south right now. I however have been hearing multiple reports of carts stopping for no reason and then kinda flippin out. Anyone know the cause of this and if there is a solution?
  13. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    Original post updated with the current known status of the subway to me.
  14. mennomobile

    mennomobile Whitelisted Player

    What do you need us to do?
  15. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    It's mostly station fixing. I wouldn't mind redoing all of south 4k, but I'll be making a design for an intersection like that at 4kS4kE thanks to a few people. I'd prefer to keep 6k mostly intact, it's a pretty cool station. I believe 8k south only needs a station update.
  16. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    The 4S4E station is nearing completion. The Arrival/Departure is the only thing that is finished at the moment. You can get to the surface through lifts. I begin work on the private terminal area next. This is my first stab at a proper functioning 4-way subway. So I hope it's not too bad. I'm still not sure how I would like to do the central intersection area. Especially since the whole subway isn't complete. I may have to force the player to arrive at the station and pick their next destination. For simple/safety sake.

    So give it a gander and let me know what you think so far. It will probably be done within a week from now. Maybe Monday?

    I'd also like some peoples opinion on the forced arrival thing. It makes things a million times easier.

    To presently arrive at the station you must type /st 4S4E
    I wasn't sure what else to call it :/


    Supplies used so far.
    2 Diamond Pick
    4 Jack-O-Lantern
    4 Lime Green Wool
    4 Iron Blocks
    4 Iron Ore
    12 Brick
    about 6 stacks of wood.
    about a stack of red stone.
    4 Buttons

    Supplies to be used further (possibly)
    Maybe 4 more Diamond Picks
    Maybe 2 Diamond Shovels
    Whatever is used to make the station look cool.
  17. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    Nice work, thanks.

    BTW the tracks that we placed on this 4SxE tunnel aren't going full speed, are they (the world doesn't need to catch up like on other tunnels).
  18. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    No, I haven't done anything with that yet. So everything is still default speed. I can up it if you wish.
  19. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    Would be useful. Whenever you get to it. Thanks.
  20. cXhristian

    cXhristian Whitelisted Player

    I placed a speed 200 sign on the track on the right side, as I couldn't stand how slow it was. (Should be quite easy to see, as I didn't cover it.)
    Informed The_Noddle about this, as I helped him dig a little on the subway.

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