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Mista's Trade Emporium!

Discussion in '[BS] - Market / Trade' started by Mista_Tubby, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. Mista_Tubby

    Mista_Tubby Whitelisted Player

    ***My shop offers reasonable prices and is always in stock***
    **Some things to note:
    ~I offer discounts for bulk orders (typically 1DC+)
    ~All of my prices should be lower than most other players whose shops are in stock.
    ~I sell enchanted tools. I will try to keep an updated stock on here - message me to purchase one.
    ~I sell smoothstone in bulk orders.
    ~I will price match some items just ask!​
    1st Floor:
    Red Wool - 125c/ stack
    White Wool - 125c/ stack
    Blue Wool - 125c/ stack
    Black Wool - 125c/ stack
    Regular Logs - 50c/ stack
    Redwood Logs - 50c/ stack
    Birch Logs - 50c/ stack
    Leaves - 25c/ stack
    Lower-Level Floor:
    Netherrack - 50c/ stack
    Soul Sand - 75c/ stack
    Nether Brick - 110c/ stack
    Nether Brick Stairs - 110c/ stack
    Nether Fence - 250c/ stack
    Glowstone - 400c/ stack
    Nether Warts - 25c/ per wart
    Blaze Rod - 250c/ each
    Glass - 35c/ stack
    Bookshelves - 300c/ half stack
    Feathers - 200c/ stack
    Arrows - 50c/ stack
    Bones - 100c/ stack
    String - 25c/ stack
    Sulphur - 100c/ stack
    Saddle - 50c/ each
    Slime Ball - 125c/ each
    Ender Pearl - 250c/ each
    Upper-Level Floor:
    Coal - 45c/ stack
    Obsidian - 100c/ 16 blocks
    Iron ore - 275c/ stack
    Iron Blocks - 40c/ block
    Gold Ore - 100c/ 16 blocks
    Lapis Block - 50c/ block
    Redstone - 25c/ stack
    Mossy Cobblestone - 250c/ stack
    Clay - 100c/ stack
    Bricks - 200c/ stack
    Snow Blocks - 100c/ stack
    Sandstone - 75c/ stack
    Bread - 30c/ stack
    Pumpkins - 100c/ 16 blocks
    Flint - 75c/ stack
    Lava Bucket - 100c/ 1 lava bucket

    Diamond Picks:
    ~Unbreaking 3/ Efficiency 4/ Silk Touch 1 (x4)
    ~Fortune 2/ Efficiency 4 (x2)
    ~Fortune 2/ Unbreaking 3/ Efficiency 4 (x1)
    ~Unbreaking 3 (x1)
    ~Unreaking 3/ Efficiency 4 (x2)
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  2. Mista_Tubby

    Mista_Tubby Whitelisted Player

  3. Agility_

    Agility_ Whitelisted Player

    Undercutting on wool. Smh
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  4. BearJew1986

    BearJew1986 Whitelisted Player

    Do you do price matching? And a few typos in you original post, give it another read through!
  5. Mista_Tubby

    Mista_Tubby Whitelisted Player

    Thanks, think I fixed it and I will match some prices, depending on the item and the price.
  6. mineraftdude

    mineraftdude Whitelisted Player

    I'm Only on Here to check Something's,but i decided to make this post.Do you have much Mossy Cobble/stone/stone-brick's/Sb:1/Sb:2/Sb:3 for Sale? Plus i'm sorry to everybody i let down.I'll try to make it up to you Guys/Girl's. :)
  7. Mista_Tubby

    Mista_Tubby Whitelisted Player

    Sure do mineraft! Just let me know what you need
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  8. mineraftdude

    mineraftdude Whitelisted Player

    i feel sooo.. sad! you're one of the nicest people on and john. the only people that respected me when i wanted to buy something. :) I will miss you! Have a nice life... hope to see you in the future!
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  9. Billdew

    Billdew Whitelisted Player

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