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Application Finished MistPhizzle IC2 Application

Discussion in '[IC] - Applications' started by MistPhizzle, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. MistPhizzle

    MistPhizzle Whitelisted Player

    Minecraft Name: MistPhizzle


    1. What is your age? 14
    2. Why are you interested in an IndustrialCraft2/Buildcraft2/Redpower2 server over a normal Minecraft server? Minecraft is capable of getting stale very fast. Industrial / BuildCraft adds in a nice "bonus" to the game to keep me interested.
    3. If you had to pick your favorite mechanic of Buildcraft, what would it be? I enjoy the pipes mechanics quite a bit.
    4. What kinds of guidelines do you think every good MC neighbor should follow? Be detailed.
    Be friendly to each other. I'm not saying give everyone free stuff. I'm saying, don't touch another person's things and just overall be friendly. Nobody wants to go onto a server where they feel unwanted.
    5. What kinds of personalities are you hoping to encounter on the server? Friendly personalities :)
    6. What would be your 'endgame', if you will, for IC2/BC2/RP2? Your brain's picture of your perfect setup on in your little corner of the server? A nice base with everything I need inside of it.
    7. What would you do if you damaged another player's property? Get the player's attention as well as a mod right away. I am responsible for cleaning it up. If I can't fix it completely, I do everything in my power to get it done anyway.
    8. Have you ever been banned on Godcraft or another server and if so please explain why you were banned and what did you learn from the ban. Nope :) Clean Minecraft record.

    Policy Questions:

    9. Why is looping wires bad? It lags the server.
    10. How close can you build to spawn? 300+ blocks out.
    11. How close can you build to another player without their permission? 150 blocks, but the further away you are, the better off you are.
    12. How do you claim land and how much is the max you can claim? Please explain in details in your own words all the steps you need to take for a proper land claiming. Make sure you are 150+ blocks away from anyone else and build a NICE looking (not dirt, sand, gravel, etc) wall that is around 3 blocks high.
    13. What must your claimed land have surrounding it? 3-ish block high fence / wall surrounding it.
    14. Where can you use Nuclear Bombs? Nukes are banned, never ever use them :)
    15. Where can you create a quarry? How many quarries can you have running at once? Any player can have only 1 running at a time, in their own land only. It is also best if they are covered up so other players can't run into them.
    16. How do you craft a solar array (not a solar panel)? Solar Panels around a LV, MV, or HV transformer.
    17. How do you connect your tunnel to the quantum path? Build a tunnel at level 12. 3x3 without turning at all. Straight path connecting to the Quantum Path.
    18. Explain in detail why any 3 items are on the banned items list.
    TNT - Easy griefing tool, can be hard to reverse the damage done.
    Nukes - Griefing tool. Hard to reverse damage.
    Chunk Loading Block - Can generate server lag.
  2. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

  3. MistPhizzle

    MistPhizzle Whitelisted Player

    Thanks :)
  4. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for your donation, and for taking the time to apply to the Godcraft IC/BC/RP Server!
    Connect to the server with the following IP:
    Ventrilo information and hardware specs can be found at the Server Information page.
    You will need the following client (put into a clean .minecraft folder) to access the server:
    Some helpful resources for IC/BC/RC:
    If you have any issues being whitelisted or just need help in general, feel free to post on our Support Forum, where you can find many helpful members of the community. Be sure to use the IC tag for threads concerning this server.
    Video Guide:
    Must Watch Safety Video About Prevent Client/Server Lag:
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