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Moria v3

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by Bagline, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    Please see @Bagline @Bodydrag @flupperz or @Jokers2 for details.


    Maps Nov 28, 2012
    Small Map: PNG or JPG (Displayed above)
    Region Map: PNG (10MB. For planning purposes)

    Maps Nov 6, 2011
    Small Map: PNG


    1. from spawn, lift down to subway
    2. find north and step on the 4000 pad.
    3. At some point in the next 10 minutes, type /st 4n4w
    4. Moria has a direct line from the 4n4w station.

    Expect to be in a minecart for at least 15-25 minutes when coming from spawn, it's an 8000 block journey.

    While you are there, look for marker signs for a self guided tour. They are most commonly placed at borders of major sections (entrances to main hall for example, hard to miss them if you stop staring at the epic.)

    You have not seen all that Moria has to offer until you've seen the following locations:

    Main Hall
    Residential District
    Iron Hall
    Balrog Hall
    Forgotten Hall (current construction)
    7th Hall (complete)

    Random COLORS!

    Moria around the net:
    http://minecraft.worth1000.com/contests/26711/mines (First Place)
    http://minecraft.worth1000.com/contests/27024/minecraft-movies (Second Place)

    Flupperz's Singleplayer Recreation:

    Official Singleplayer Download:
    Only current up to November 2011, you must join to see the updated version.

    January 3rd, 2011
    January 16th, 2011
    Kane's Video Day 97
    January 26th, 2011
    Kane's Video Day 147
    June 2011
    September 2011
    October 2011
    March 2012

    Misc Videos:
    7th Hall Completion
    Moria Screenshot Compilation
    Moria Release Video

    Some World 2, and Moria v2 so you guys can compare to our current work:


    Leaders & Creative Design:

    I'm not going to update a list of residents, but let me start a list of everyone who's helped with Moria (digging or design mostly.)

    Alphabetical Order

    Alidaco (Main Hall)
    Aeriankork (Main Hall)
    Bagline (Main Hall, Residential District, Iron Hall, Balrog Hall, Storage, Subway, Forgotten Hall, 7th Hall)
    beno678 (Balrog Hall)
    Blunterfawn (Main Hall, Residential District)
    Bodydrag (Main Hall, Residential District, Iron Hall, Balrog Hall, Storage, Forgotten Hall, 7th Hall)
    Borninla (Balrog Hall)
    Brrraad (Main Hall)
    burns1200 (Main Hall)
    bwpitman (Main Hall)
    Cameron146 (Main Hall, Iron Hall, Balrog Hall)
    chiefwhackahoe1 (Main Hall)
    Dazac21 (Main Hall)
    Doublenum (Main Hall)
    elpacco (Subway before Minecart Mania)
    EmmetIreland (Main Hall)
    Erupyon (Main Hall)
    evan_b (Main Hall)
    FLarAlThor (Main Hall)
    flqw (Subway)
    flupperz (Iron Hall, Forgotten Hall)
    ftcr6 (Main Hall)
    Fugner (Balrog Hall)
    FwnBoi (Main Hall)
    Ghostwheel22 (Main Hall, Residential District, Storage, 7th Hall)
    gold_c50 (Main Hall)
    GosHansen (Main Hall)
    GTA4rox08 (Main Hall)
    Imortallus (Main Hall)
    Jamiepunkey (Main Hall)
    Jcup24 (Main Hall)
    JeffJo (Balrog Hall)
    Jim_Jam94 (7th Hall)
    Jokers2 (Main Hall??, Iron Hall, Storage, Subway, Forgotten Hall)
    juggalotruck (Main Hall)
    kittykats101 (Main Hall)
    Lemmiwings (Main Hall)
    Pepzi (Main Hall)
    Pizza30324 (Main Hall)
    rapidthedominic (Main Hall)
    Schimski (Balrog Hall)
    Shortysqc (Main Hall, Residential District)
    Underfall (Main Hall)
    waxdt (Main Hall)
    ztww89 (Forgotten Hall)

    Special thanks to all the moderators who helped newbies find Moria!

    let me know if I forgot anyone.

    Rules for Visitors:

    pretty much same as server rules

    -No Mining on Moria's land. We preserve the minerals for those who help dig a hall.​

    -No entering private property unless given prior permission. Private residences are assumed to be off limits to all but the owner/mods/admins unless otherwise stated.​

    -You may enter, view, and/or use any public building, but do not change anything. All public area's that are off limits will have a sign saying so nearby the entrance to the area that is off limits.​

    -Some places may have location specific rules (for example, a room that is off limits) please follow those posted signs.​

    -You may explore the beautiful land above Moria, please do not ruin it. ("ruin" includes but is not limited to building, leveling land, taking sand, taking/melting snow, breaking/melting ice, digging through a mountain instead of walking around)​

    Rules for Property Owners:

    0. General Stuff
    -Don't be a jerk.​

    -You may explore the beautiful land above Moria, please do not ruin it. ("ruin" includes but is not limited to building, leveling land, taking sand, taking snow, breaking ice, writing your name, digging through a mountain instead of walking around)​

    -You may explore the cave systems you find and collect any visible minerals contained within those caves, but you cannot mine in the typical sense of the word.​

    1. Building Code:
    -Upper level plots may build upwards as high as they like so long as they do not build above ground.​

    -Bottom level plots may build down to bedrock.​

    -Lateral and/or Vertical boundaries cannot be surpassed unless two adjacent plots wish to connect with each other.​

    -The front "pillar-like" design of the plots should remain intact.​

    -Items sticking out in front of the plot must be approved. (signs and flowers like trade are pre-approved)​

    2. Land Ownership:
    -You own the lot and may sell or rent it.​

    -You may only own 1 plot at a time.​

    -Sales must be logged with Moria leadership.​

    -I can't think of anything you can't use the land for. (home, store, farm.... all three? your choice.)​

    -Materials contained within your plot are yours.​

    3. Eviction:

    -If you are perm-banned from the server, you forfeit your plot and possessions contained within it.​

    -If you are temp banned for any reason relating to an offense against Moria you may be evicted.​

    -If you are determined to have quit the game, we may evict you with a 2 week notice posted on your property. (replying to the notice within the 2 weeks will cancel the eviction)​

    -If you are evicted, your possessions of value that can be readily found will be moved to storage until you pick them up. If you are perm-banned, we will hold onto your possessions for 2 weeks for you as a courtesy in case the ban is lifted. After that, they become property of Moria.​

    4. Access to storage (residents only):

    -You may not sell anything you get from Moria's storage (leaders may sell for us in our store)​

    -You have free access to cobble, dirt, gravel, flint, and redstone for personal use. (on your plot, for public projects like extending the roads out from spawn, or for other personal projects that are not on Moria's land.)​

    -Get authorization from a leader first if you plan to use a lot. (lets say a "lot" is ... 5 double chests for cobble, 1 double chest for dirt/gravel, and 2 stacks for flint/redstone)​

    -Access to other materials will be restricted, but don't be afraid to ask for some. (for example: I think I have atleast 2 full double chests of coal stashed)​

    Public Project Digging Rules:

    for when we start digging again...

    -Dig top down.​

    -Mine minerals as you find them. (they're yours to keep)​

    -Store everything in public storage.​
  2. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    Scroll down past this for some old pictures.

    Scrooge McDuck is to Bagline as gold coins are to <answer>. (Cobble is always the answer)

    With great cobble comes great responsibility.

    Our cobbles will blot out the sun.... Then we will mine in the shade!


  3. Blunterfawn

    Blunterfawn Whitelisted Player

    I would like to help
  4. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    I'll accept you because I apparently killed your underground city ideas? ...sorry.

    I do need dedicated people though because it is about a 1 hour walk outside of any warp locations.

    I'll show you the location this weekend.
  5. Blunterfawn

    Blunterfawn Whitelisted Player

    Oh Yeah it was funny you posted a minute before mine. =D

    Don't worry I am very dedicated.

    And lastly can't wait to start helping
  6. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    updated with photo's of terrain.
  7. doublenum

    doublenum Whitelisted Player

    Thankyou for begining this, I especially like in the movie the winding stairs that are over the lava. This could make a very good obstacle course if done the right way =)
  8. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    Those stairs aren't in the plans at the moment. I would like to see them, but not sure where we could do them because we can't dig lower than bedrock =)

    I did have the foresight to pick a snowy mountain though. Hopefully Notch will have actual snow falling in SMP eventually.

    I'm also not really creative which is what i'm looking for mostly right now, someone to plan out the layout/design of pillars and lighting, the entrance, eventually a train station. Given the current plan for train station rollouts (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81WGJQZbSJ0 starts around 9-10mins) Moria will actually be in a prime location for a Phase 3 station.
    Stevo_1066 likes this.
  9. doublenum

    doublenum Whitelisted Player

    The thing is it will still take around 30 minutes to get to a phase 3 station if not longer. The great thing about moria is that it is underground and therefore could be put near spawn. I also know you already started and it would be ridiculous to start over right? :lol:

    Also i read your post on immortallus' forum thread and i do believe that moria needs a grand entrance. It would just not do the project justice in my opinion.
  10. chrismack

    chrismack Whitelisted Player

    I would love to help. But i am very dedicated to camalot. When the rails are in i would love to stop by and help for a bit. But for now good luck with this it's going to amazing :D
  11. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    I don't think most people want a huge underground city near/under them. plus the size of moria requires it be atleast 2k blocks outside of spawn so that's about a 30 minutes walk/swim right?

    I like the terrain, that's why I picked it, there's actually a lot more mountains on that continent. We could do a grand entrance in the terrain of the photos and a secret entrance somewhere else on the continent. I already see a place on the map that might be better suited to the small entrance.... I don't know really, that's why i'm looking for someone to take over creative control of some things, I picked what I think is best, but I don't necessarily know everything. =)

    I'll reveal the location once we designate some project leads. I want 2-3 people to know everything that we're doing so we can direct labor properly. The main thing to do right now is design the pillars and their placement so we can cut them out of the existing stone.

    I gotta go to work, so... later.
  12. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    My proposed pillar/lighting layout:

    The room is 200x200x50 tall. The space reserved for the pillars is 10x10 and 20 blocks margin between each other and the walls. The proposed pillar shape design i made up earlier out of dirt is 7x7 at the base so it's scaled up a little. Still need to finalize the pillar design, but at least we can begin full scale excavation if this design is used.

    leaving these in place as we dig will save us from digging another 180,000 blocks. (we'll mine the bottom of the pillars for dia/gold when we get there though)

    i should have gone to sleep a long time ago.... crap.
  13. ctrlaltdelet

    ctrlaltdelet Whitelisted Player

    What depth are you digging this all at? would be sweet if you dug it only 10-15 layers under surface.. so you could have enough depth left to be able to make a side room to recreate the bridge where Balron and Gandalf both fell down.. make it a really far fall and then at base layer plant a ton of snow and make a mini mountain (to look like the peak of a underground mountain) with a tower on top made of obsidian ...

    that would be sweet....
  14. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    there are no solid plans other than this hall at the moment and we've already begun digging it from bedrock to bedrock +50.

    we maybe have 10 blocks of margin between our ceiling and sea level, so a plan like this would have to call for a shallower main hall.... or an ugly cube of smooth stone climbing into the sky.

    minecraft isn't big enough for lord of the rings =(
  15. doublenum

    doublenum Whitelisted Player

    A lot of my egypt people are very intrested in working on the moria project, maybe we will be able to help out some tine =)
  16. Sasstraliss

    Sasstraliss Whitelisted Player

    And how many times has a Moria project been attempted?
  17. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    The other Moria's weren't "attempts" as if they tried and failed. The only reason they aren't here right now is server resets. The first Moria was actually extremely close to being done, but it was also much smaller than #2.

    This is #3 (note the topic title)
  18. Erupyon

    Erupyon Whitelisted Player

    I would like to help.
  19. Innovacious

    Innovacious Whitelisted Player

    i might help, but after putting in so much work to the first 2, i dont really have the motivation right now.
  20. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    Sent you info, thanks.

    I don't blame ya, I took 2 weeks off after the last server reset. it's also an hour walk outside of any warps right now so if you have other projects it hurts them a lot =(


    everyone on the project:
    I updated the rules and how the resources will be handled. Please see the relevant sections of the first two posts of this thread.

    In game I organized the bulk storage last night and put up signs so you can see what goes where.

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