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Moria v3

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by Bagline, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Dorkinator

    Dorkinator Whitelisted Player

    I can do warping, but it would be a little choppy. Without command blocks as an intermediate solution.
  2. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    NEW MAP! (i actually should redo that to be an internal view of the 21st hall lol)

    Edit: Updated map files with much more detail.

    The first post has links to other map versions (including an uncropped "region" version of this one)

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  3. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

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  4. Bodydrag

    Bodydrag Whitelisted Player

    Can't believe it's already been a year since Bagline has been uploading this video showing off all the work that's been done on moria in just more or less one year.

    The madness we call Moria...
  5. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    year 1: tons of stuff
    year 2: 1 large room that was mostly finished by May. lol.
  6. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player


    Want to carve another 130 blocks of rift?

    Edit: 1.4.5 test server is up, check PM.

  7. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

  8. Bodydrag

    Bodydrag Whitelisted Player

    I'm in IF we are ever allowed to do this on the main server.
  9. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player


    Edit: Just got confirmation that this should be doable. Don't want to say it's confirmed since who knows WTF patch updates will do... but I now know there are no "moral" objections from Kane/Electro.


    also, goodnight.

    look... I'm already making progress on the rift.

    lets give those MCME f***ers some competition. =) (if any MCME guys read this, I'm j/k ... love your work)


    Bodydrag and flupperz, jokers etc. I'm doing 6 layers at a time, then copying the last two layers down (3 times) and doing 6 layers again. Currently working on making it a smaller footprint.
  10. Bodydrag

    Bodydrag Whitelisted Player

    Well, the only problem I am having now are the finals next week. And after those I'll be off to a vacation until Jan 9th (without any access to proper internet). Then you can definitely count me in for doing some major work, though.
  11. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    I'll make plenty of mistakes for you to fix when you get back.
  12. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    Today's progress. (~50 blocks left to bedrock)

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  13. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    The design for the deepest part of the first rift section is done! bridge to bedrock, it's a 175 block drop. I have the command block setup at the bottom, seems to be working good although at the top of the next section will have to have a piston to push you off a block I think. the /tppos command i'm using places you at the ground even if it's set to warp you into the air.


  14. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

  15. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    I finished up the newest addition to Moria tonight. Credits to nevada2000 for the design.



  16. nevada2000

    nevada2000 Whitelisted Player

    Did you actually place all the blocks that were in the well shaft?? I did that with world edit really quick so I could randomize the materials. I can't imagine how annoying it was to actually build it that way...
  17. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    Bodydrag did that. We also replaced the mossy stonebrick with mossy cobble, and cracked stonebrick with regular stonebrick. I added some stairs to replace some of the detail lost by removing the cracked bricks.

    I imagine it wasn't that bad though, I just got done building a melon farm which basically had my entire inv full of random blocks. redstone, RS torches, repeaters, levers, RS lamps, sticky pistons, obsidian, spruce logs, jungle logs, glass blocks, glass panes, fences, sprucewood slabs, sprucewood stairs, oakwood slabs, oakwood stairs, cobble fence, sandstone slabs, sandstone stairs, regular stone slabs, stone brick stairs, stonebrick blocks, cobble slabs, cobble stairs, dirt, smoothstone, water....all in the same building.

    Compare that to this which is only 4-5 blocks which can all fit on the action bar.
  18. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    Main rift section is done. (design, not on godcraft yet)

    Inside-out Moria (not really, just trimming the bulk)
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  19. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    So the download I've posted has been converted to xbox 360. =)

    My comment on the video page:
    "Awesome. I'm glad the 360 community likes the map! As the creator and download host of the original PC map I would appreciate a link/mention. If your interested in how we made it, watch?v=pRR0ykGIGlI has some screenshots from the year long process."

    Edit: ugh... *you're

    Edit2: Do NOT give him any flak. If you want to do something, up vote my comment.

    Edit3: He's linked to my youtube account as the map creator... Faith in humanity restored a tiny bit. lol
  20. Piekiller

    Piekiller Whitelisted Player

    Hey Bagline. Just popping in saying hi.
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