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[Name Change] Name Change Requests!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kane, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. usa1327

    usa1327 Whitelisted Player

    Forum name: Alex Clay
    Minecraft name: usa1327
  2. zavanza

    zavanza Whitelisted Player

    Forum Name: zeno
    Minecraft Name: zavanza
  3. Jrockern

    Jrockern Whitelisted Player

    Forum Name: Jason Nguyen
    Minecraft Name: Jrockern
  4. Stripe_x

    Stripe_x Whitelisted Player

    Forum Name: Stripe x
    Minecraft Name: Stripe_x
  5. Werble23

    Werble23 Whitelisted Player

    Forum Name: William Lynch
    Minecraft Name: Werble23
  6. MagicMCWB

    MagicMCWB Whitelisted Player

    Forum Name Joshua Reisbord
    MC Name MagicMCWB
  7. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

  8. noahjk

    noahjk Whitelisted Player

    Forum name: Noah Kissinger
    mc name: noahjk
  9. kyrreh_L33T

    kyrreh_L33T Whitelisted Player

    Forum name: seigmann
    Minecraft name: kyrreh_L33T
  10. andrewb345

    andrewb345 Whitelisted Player

    Forum Name: ablank123
    Minecraft name: andrewb345
  11. Beno_Draft

    Beno_Draft Whitelisted Player

    Forum name:Ben Wall
    Old Minecraft name:beno678
    Minecraft name:Beno_Draft
  12. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

  13. Morel352

    Morel352 Whitelisted Player

    Forum Name: Simon Morel
    minecraft name: Morel352
  14. SineAnimia

    SineAnimia Whitelisted Player

    Forum - Kaiwan
    Minecraft Name - SineAnimia
  15. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

  16. CrEaTiVe_ONE

    CrEaTiVe_ONE Whitelisted Player

    Forum Name: CrEaTiVe ONE
    Minecraft Name: CrEaTiVe_ONE
  17. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

  18. Biggaz2k

    Biggaz2k Whitelisted Player

    Need name change
    Forum name : Denzil
    Ingame name: Biggaz2k
  19. Biggaz2k

    Biggaz2k Whitelisted Player

    Forum Name: Denzil
    Ingame Name: Biggaz2k
  20. iamlegendx2

    iamlegendx2 Whitelisted Player

    Can I change my forum name to change my in-game name please. I need it to be iamlegendx2

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