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Navi's Song (Hey, Listen!)

Discussion in 'Music' started by Kane, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member


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  2. GTA4rox08

    GTA4rox08 Whitelisted Player

  3. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    That was actually pretty good!
  4. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Anyone who use to love Zelda 1000000000x Would like that song hehe.
  5. lord_kruor

    lord_kruor Whitelisted Player

    [incase someone doesnt know] Thats meekakitty. Fap fap fapetty fap.

    Edit: the face at 2.45 = lets have a threesome.
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  6. daking009

    daking009 Whitelisted Player

    At 2:30, I think alot of people were thinking ; "Where's your bottled fairy now, Link?!"
  7. SudoHF

    SudoHF Whitelisted Player

    If Navi wanted in Link's pants, she shouldn't have been naggy as hell.
  8. hibbs6

    hibbs6 Whitelisted Player

    This was on the youtube homepage... and its meekakitty... Haven't most people seen this by now?
  9. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    Clearly only 700k Views and 5? maybe more Billion people on the planet. So no?
  10. hibbs6

    hibbs6 Whitelisted Player

    nearing 7
  11. Chadosidy

    Chadosidy Whitelisted Player

    Ganondorf is played by Vini. :D
  12. monkey37

    monkey37 Whitelisted Player

    kane knows the best internet music
  13. xpgkaz

    xpgkaz Whitelisted Player

    meekakitty? Never heard of.
  14. Puppet1012

    Puppet1012 Whitelisted Player

    wat. I fucking love meekakitty. She is absolutely adorable. Honestly on a scale of 1 to adorable...
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  15. Chadosidy

    Chadosidy Whitelisted Player

    Lol awesome face. :p
    And I totally agree. :D
  16. zoeykitten

    zoeykitten Whitelisted Player

    Never heard of her. I guess she looks ok....
  17. hibbs6

    hibbs6 Whitelisted Player

    Then like it!
  18. Puppet1012

    Puppet1012 Whitelisted Player

    SHES ADORABLE! UGH. lol i have a thing for read heads and nerdy chicks with glasses :p
    keirhan likes this.
  19. Chadosidy

    Chadosidy Whitelisted Player

    Done. :p
  20. zoeykitten

    zoeykitten Whitelisted Player

    It was just that video for some reason. I watched some of her other stuff and she's cuter is everything else. I really like


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