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New Danton

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by Dreamzs, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Dreamzs

    Dreamzs Whitelisted Player

    'New Danton' is still in progress! I have claimed a nice chunk of land 2500 east and 600 south in order to build my idealic town plan. The theme will be based off the city of London, thus the main focus will be the build of a palace inspired by Westminster Abbey and a clock tower inspired by Big Ben. To get there just travel to the 2k East station, and on the top floor you will find the terminal to the city.

    The New Danton Theme

    I realise this is a huge task and am asking for any help/donations in order to make this possible. When I was coming up with ideas I knew no one on this server had tried this before, therefore I came to the conclusion something this unique and grand would be perfect to bring alive. This structure will be the town focus therefore it is my first priority, then I will begin work on the residential area/farms/spleef etc.


    Materials used:
    -Stone Slabs
    The camp I built for myself and workers during the construction of New Danton. At the moment it's me and Optixs taking the ropes.
    In order to show our appreciation. All major sponsers of this project will be receiving a large statue of themselves in either the cathedral or palace once the town has been completed. To donate contact me (Dreamzs) in-game or on the forums :)

    Major Sponsers
    @Flufflestiltskin (Jordan)
    -4080 Smoothstone
    -640 Stone slabs
    -240 Dirt

    -600 Smoothstone
    -360 Glass Panes
    -600 Logs

    -896 Dirt (for terraforming)

    -200 Snow Blocks

    -Plenty of bread to keep us going

    -1 Stone Spade <3

    -1700 Dirt
    -1600 Cobblestone
    -420 Leaves
    -400 Glass
    -Torches and Seeds

    -1472 Smoothstone

    -1325 Smoothstone
    -585 Glass

    Day 5 Video
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  2. Dreamzs

    Dreamzs Whitelisted Player

    Residential and Community Guidelines
    In purchasing a plot in New Danton, you agree that you have read and understood these guidelines to the fullest. The owner of New Danton has full ownership of everything within it's borders. Therefore they have the ability to make critical judgements and changes whenever necessary.
    1. You must abide by the Godcraft rules at all times within and outside the city walls. This includes things such as stealing, trespassing, and griefing. If you think you have missed anything please click here http://godcraft.com/pages/Minecraft_Server_Rules/.
    2. No building any higher than the Abbey.
    3. If the owner if the town believes your current home design does not meet the standards of New Danton, you must make changes to your design until approval is granted.
    4. If you fail to comply with the owner of the town regarding making changes to your home, you will be given a warning. If you still don't follow the directions given, you may be evicted. If you are evicted, you will have 3 days to collect your materials before your plot becomes the full property of New Danton.
    5. If a house has been abandoned for a substantial period of time (1 month+). New Danton has the right to seize the property and re-sell it to an active player.
    6. You are welcome to sell your own property to another player, along with buying property off another player.
    7. If you wish to make a deposit on a plot, that area will be held for you for a maximum of 1 week.
    8. No building home structures with materials such as cobblestone, dirt, and sand. However sand and dirt may be used for interior/gardening decoration.
    9. The owner may enter a players house at any time
    10. If you are perm. banned, your home and the contents inside becomes the full property of the owner
    The case of somebody being evicted is highly un-likely. If any issue arises, I will handle it with the upmost fairness and maturity. The main point for every citizen to remember is the phrase. "Be kind to thy neighbour".
  3. Togeh

    Togeh Whitelisted Player

    This is within 2000 blocks from spawn, please confirm the project is under 200x200 or find another location at least 2000 blocks away from spawn
  4. Dreamzs

    Dreamzs Whitelisted Player

    Let me relocate the position 2000 away from spawn, and I will post the new location soon, I have to tear down the wall I just spent hours on haha

    Jim the reason I wanted to build there was to make it more exciting rather then all of the abandoned houses being everywhere like you mentioned. Plus it is more convenient
  5. Dreamzs

    Dreamzs Whitelisted Player

    Also, how did the other towns close to spawn get permission to build so large?
  6. Jim_Jam94

    Jim_Jam94 Whitelisted Player

    They appeared before the rule was made
  7. McLag

    McLag Whitelisted Player

    How about dont care about the hassle of the subway and build it far out.
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  8. chaosinabox

    chaosinabox Whitelisted Player

    Subways are fairly easy to connect to, you shouldn't have an issue. I like the design, good luck.
  9. Dreamzs

    Dreamzs Whitelisted Player

    Flufflestiltskin donated

    4000+ smoothstone
    640+ stone slabs
    240+ dirt

    to the project
    Thanks man :D
  10. ot0_m0t0

    ot0_m0t0 Whitelisted Player

    We had this thing built on the swisscraft server, It was very nice. Mostly wood, white voll and some coal ore (jeah). Ill see if we got any pics.... maybe Kazimir has an old map picture...
    Great project and it can look extremly accurate. Make it nice and Ill hit you with a chest of coal for good luck ;)
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  11. Dreamzs

    Dreamzs Whitelisted Player

    we are planning to build the palace to 1:2 scale, so hopefully it will look perfect :)
    thanks for the support, hit me up in-game if you want to be apart of it
  12. Dreamzs

    Dreamzs Whitelisted Player

    Thanks Mista_Tubby for donating to the project!
    -600 Smoothstone
    -360 Glass Panes
    -600 Logs
  13. Dreamzs

    Dreamzs Whitelisted Player

    Inspired by Westminster Palace, this i what I have designed and built so far, with the help of Optixs.

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  14. McLag

    McLag Whitelisted Player

    This will be great when it's done! I hope to donate soon!
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  15. Dreamzs

    Dreamzs Whitelisted Player

    Thanks bro!
    If you would like to I have a chest out at the project site, or you can just meet me somewhere :)
  16. Mista_Tubby

    Mista_Tubby Whitelisted Player

    Looks nice guys! Keep it up:D
  17. Dreamzs

    Dreamzs Whitelisted Player

    Thanks for your help today Night :)
  18. Minifig1139

    Minifig1139 Whitelisted Player

    looks good, may donate some more stuff. but am currently caught up with the port town of Narssius
  19. Dreamzs

    Dreamzs Whitelisted Player

    Thats fine bro, give us a shout when you want to come visit :}
  20. Optixs

    Optixs Whitelisted Player

    The plans all coming together
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