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Newegg gift card.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JustinoLatino, May 12, 2011.

  1. JustinoLatino

    JustinoLatino Whitelisted Player

    Alright I looked over the rules and I don't see anything that says I can try to sell something on here and if I missed it I shall serve my ban like a man.

    OT: I bought two newegg gift cards by accident so now I'm left over with a $50 giftcard I really don't want to use. So, I figured I'll try to sell it. This beauty can be yours for the low price of $45.
    The person I sent it two forwarded me the email, I can guarantee it has not been redeemed.

    I circled things in red that prove that I have it and it's not 100 years old.
  2. cXhristian

    cXhristian Whitelisted Player

    I believe you, but that screenshot doesn't tell shit.
    Not sure how you can prove it, but seeing the time on your computer doesn't tell me if the email is old or new.
    (No, I'm not looking to buy, just "helping in my own way".)
  3. JustinoLatino

    JustinoLatino Whitelisted Player

    There is not really way to prove it's not old or used I just figured any good sale should at the very least have a time stamp.
  4. Tigerballs07

    Tigerballs07 Whitelisted Player

    You could always just give it away in a contest
  5. The_Noodle

    The_Noodle Whitelisted Player

    I'll buy it, but i'll transfer the money to someone here (kane?) until i've confirmed that it works.
  6. JustinoLatino

    JustinoLatino Whitelisted Player

    I already have a buyer, thanks anyways.
  7. The_Noodle

    The_Noodle Whitelisted Player

    Probably would have been a good idea to mention that.
  8. JustinoLatino

    JustinoLatino Whitelisted Player

    I literally sold it, came home and then checked the forums.

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