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Old member Shaostoul just posted this to youtube

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Bagline, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

  2. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    He can't finish GC Projects so how will he :p

    Joking aside being someone who has played around with Unity3D at this point I can't tell you if hes made them textures or got royalty free ones. But Besides a really pretty skybox there is nothing there. That is about 10 Minutes of work besides the fact if he actually did the textures himself.

    But I guess its neat that he is attempting to go further then just Minecraft.
  3. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    Heh, thanks Kane. :p

    There's a lot more work done behind the scenes and stuff that isn't shown, than I wanted to show. One of the dev team said that I should start posting little snippets of stuff here and there. Thought I'd give it a shot, might prove worth-while.

    The game producer said that I shouldn't include too much in videos until I get to certain stages.
  4. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    The big question I have are you guys doing all the textures from scratch :p?
  5. Shaostoul

    Shaostoul Whitelisted Player

    The goal is to have all our own stuff. Stuff will get phased out when we have stuff to take their proper place. A couple of the the textures are place holders, at least of the few you see in the video. There's a lot that's been made by myself or the other devs that I'll end up showing in one of the other videos.

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