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Pike's shop /Complex

Discussion in '[BS] - Market / Trade' started by PikePeicrer, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. PikePeicrer

    PikePeicrer Whitelisted Player

    Pike's Shop is mean't to have easy access to materials for project
    We sell easy to get reasources at a low price and we do take request for harder to get resources.
    If you would like to request a item when im not on post a reply.
    -Must read rules before entering.
    -Do not destroy half steps on chests
    -Alway Replace dirt on top of chests. If you do not you will be counted with anymissing items from chests
    -if you take the last of a stock of items place a sign on the dirt block
    -If you notice that someone has not placed a sigh when a item is out of stock please add one (they are located on the second floor).

    1 Diamond is equal to 9 Iron (ore or bars)
    1 Diamond is equal to 3 Gold (ore or bars)
    1 Gold is equal to 3 Iron
    The prices of items varry and are displayed on chest for common items.
    When you buy an item place your paymen in the chest you took your item from.
  2. PikePeicrer

    PikePeicrer Whitelisted Player

    Pikes shop is currently looking for people to supply Pike's Shop
    you will get paid 2/3 of the sale price
    [Exapmle] Logs Shop Sell price 3 diamonds for 6 stacks
    Shop Buy price price 2 diamonds for 6 stacks

    If you would like to become a supplier post a reply to this and what you would like to supply: Logs(Found) ,Cobble(Found) ,Sand(Found) ,Coal ,Redstone ,Various plant , or Special Requests.
    And you ingame name.
  3. Sqirril

    Sqirril Whitelisted Player

    I will be able to supply:

    Sand/Dirt in 10k+ Quantities.
    Smooth stone in large orders.
    Cactus in stacks.
    Reeds/Paper/Books in stacks.
    Logs in stacks.
    Gold/Iron time to time.
  4. AgentKid

    AgentKid Whitelisted Player

    Lawl screw the middleman, Sqrirril, how much are you charging per stack of cacti? I'd also like to buy flowers, if you have them.
  5. darcyryder

    darcyryder Whitelisted Player

    agent you want to buy cactus 0.0
  6. kittykats101

    kittykats101 Whitelisted Player

    im able to supply cactus, a double chest full! :ugeek: :lol: :D ;)

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