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Project City

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by Rangerblood, Sep 12, 2010.

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  1. Rangerblood

    Rangerblood Whitelisted Player

  2. PancakeLover

    PancakeLover Whitelisted Player

    Wow. That looks like alot of blood, sweat and pixels will go into making that o-o
    I'd be glad to help if you get accepted, but now that i'm in school and my hours will be limited, I probably won't be of much use.
  3. Kane

    Kane Server Administrator Staff Member

    wicked I hope you find people to help ya!
  4. Hopke

    Hopke Whitelisted Player

    Wow looks impressive.. good luck!
  5. Rangerblood

    Rangerblood Whitelisted Player

    I will accept all kind of help, if you are a`n good builder PM me for what you wanto/can do.
    Once im accepted (it looks i am but i didn't really got an IP adress of server yet) it will start. I hope tommorow, or Wensday.
  6. Popc0rn

    Popc0rn New Member

    If I gain acceptance I will most definitely help out with this! This is exactly what I am looking forward to doing. Plus, I can offer a lot of time dedicated to build this. :D
  7. Emilmaplem

    Emilmaplem Whitelisted Player

    Looks like a really great plan mate, I'll help out if I can.
  8. Hopke

    Hopke Whitelisted Player

    are you ingame yet ^^?
  9. kick

    kick Whitelisted Player

    yea i want in on this give me a /msg or some thing ingame (in game name kungfu201)
  10. Vpshuffler

    Vpshuffler Whitelisted Player

    Contact me if your gonna start bulding, i would like to help build the Cathedral :)
    Ingame name: Vpshuffler
  11. Rangerblood

    Rangerblood Whitelisted Player

    Yes i am ingame. I started getting resouirces. I exept all kinds of help. PM me for info. And if someone found a good spot and we all (the builders who will build the city) have enough resources. (i hope to get stone from Moria's build)
    Thankyou very mutch indeed.
  12. Vpshuffler

    Vpshuffler Whitelisted Player

    k, well send me a pm, forum post or in-game shout and ill come and build :)
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