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[Project] Imardin Project

Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by keirhan, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    Imardin, the Capital of Build 2.

    This work in progress is going to take A LOT of time however i'm committed enough to finish this off and this is my big project.

    What is Imardin?
    Imardin is a city whose design is based off a city from the Trudi Canavan books, my design does feature the main concepts of the city (see images below)

    Capital of build 2? really?
    Yes. i know its only a flat area at the minute. HOWEVER other than Staghorn are there really any other towns in build 2? not yet, Imardin will provide the resources and materials, storage and homes needed to easily begin expanding out. its also relatively close to spawn meaning its one of the closest stops providing ease.

    What will be available?
    The city will house various farms and storage areas however on top of that, the inner sanctum will provide ample space for 8-12 mansions. In the outer quarters the north and south quarters will provide smaller living spaces. the east quarter will be the home of the magicians guild and will contain a large library and other magical style buildings. this area will also house tutorials for various redstone contraptions and other farms such as nether wart etc. Minecart mania will also have a tutorial here.

    The city is actually quite big, how will you reduce travelling times?
    Other than the main city subway which provides quick transitions to the four different quarters of the city. all the roads in the city are lined with railways meaning you can step on a plate by the gatehouses or in the public area's, type /st Iagility and be taken straight to agilities plot.

    What will the city look like?
    The below image is the image taken from the Canavan books as you can see the roads are laid out here (the city will not contain them in this fashion due to size)
    The image below is the current state of the build with the central black circle being the Palace. the red circle contains the inner sanctum/circle and the large green circle is the expected size of the entire city (subject to change) .

    Whats the orange circle for?
    This circle is the position of my the storage for the city, the farms to provide the growing amounts of materials needed. and the food needed to stock the various stores of the city with food.

    OK OK so your building an epic project. can i get a plot?

    For free?

    OK so while most plots are free i expect that many people will want to build their mansion or build 2 home in the inner sanctum. as such the 8-12 people who provide the most help in the project will get a plot there. and as usual because of the amazing building skill there are 3 plots available for people like Amyliz SCReconcile and Kooj to build a plot. if they wish that is.

    Can i visit the city now?
    if you wish to help building then yes, the more the merrier!

    What if i want to look around?
    Then no. the city will be closed for viewing until the inner sanctum is complete, and the outher quarters have roads, rail and infrastucture laid.

    Primarily so when the project is opened to be viewed its more of a shock and cool thing, id rather people see a build from >50% than less.

    so for all those still reading please keep a look out, i will be updating the thread as the project progresses.

    Workers needed

    If you wish to help with building then please contact me ingame so i can provide information and discuss pay rates.

    Please contact me ingame for all digging rates, currently however the digging is going for 8D per DC and you can keep all the ores you find.
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  2. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    Any pictures of ideas for things like walls? What's the theme? Any designs for what you're after? You say you will have farms, but will tools and food be provided for diggers? Is it just digging to the level of the flat land there currently?

    On another note: I like it, but completely disagree with you claiming to have the capital of build two.
  3. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    also the main city design is currently half built and will be sticking to my own standards. I have provided all the information that is currently needed for non workers. if you wish to work and help please contact me in game and you will be given the appropriate material
  4. Greaterix

    Greaterix Whitelisted Player

    I'm looking for a project to muck in on having just come back, if you need a reliable worker pm, able to be on vent/ts in evenings (after 10:30 on tue,wed,thurs) & work throughout most days at work.
  5. Quinntao

    Quinntao Whitelisted Player

    i want in
  6. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    it will be great to have you onboard guys. im currently away due to some wierd internet errors making the game unplayable on gc :/ i will be getting back on as soon as i can though however expect the work to stop until after christmas im afraid.
  7. GTA4rox08

    GTA4rox08 Whitelisted Player

    Looking forward to seeing this project progress.
  8. mineraftdude

    mineraftdude Whitelisted Player

    Ill help,If I can.(If you allow me too.) I'm on EST.I can be on 2-4 8-10 PM on week days. basicly all day on weekends.I would like a mansion plot,If possible.Ill dig and build But,I prefer Building.If tools are not provided.(Short on Cobble.Only got little more than a DC.) But,I'm willing to help.If not a mansion.I could use a plot just fine. :) 32x32 or 64x64. Either one works,maybe 128x128. I don't care,PM me in-game.

    Edit: Nothing less than 32x32. I have a perfect design But, can't work lower than that.Plus I have a project to build,House,Storage area,BrookeHennen to help,Extend my houses.I'm really busy over Christmas break.So,that plan works fine for me too.
  9. keirhan

    keirhan Whitelisted Player

    the inner sanctum has varying plot sizes but is circular in design as such some of the plots are 32+ on one side and less than 10 on others. im happy for you to help when we move further on with the project but in all honesty i think you need to finish your other projects first.

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