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Race's Acres, for all of your Log, Wheat and Charcoal needs.

Discussion in '[BS] - Market / Trade' started by IamRacecaR, May 27, 2011.

  1. IamRacecaR

    IamRacecaR Whitelisted Player

    I figured I'd make a legitimate trade thread for my farm, so here goes:

    Welcome to the official Race's Acres trade thread, your go-to place for buying logs and wheat in bulk.

    Our farm has current capacity of 1260 trees, spread out over 10 groves, and is ever expanding. This massive size allows us to fill even the largest of orders in a time friendly fashion. We, however, don't limit ourselves to just logs, we also have a nice collection of wheat fields, cabable of yielding 16+ stacks of wheat in a single harvest.

    Our prices are as follows:
    All logs- 1DChest/3DBlocks (2Stacks/1D, 50c/Stack)
    Charcoal- 1DChest/4DBlocks (3Stacks/2D, 66c/Stack)
    Wheat- 1Dchest/1DBlock (6Stacks/1D, 16c/Stack)
    Leaf Blocks (All types)- 1 DChest/2DB (3Stacks/1D, 33c/Stack)

    To place an order, just say how much you want and we will get to filling your order in the order it was recieved.

    Want to buy logs the right way, yet don't want but a few stacks? Check out our certified sellers list! These sellers carry Genuine Race's Acres wood products in their trade shops at the same low prices as though you were buying stright from us- just look for the sign!

    Interested in becoming a certified seller? Send a message my way and we'll work it out!
    New to Godcraft? Looking for some short-term work before you go off and build the next wonder of the world? Come work for us! Chop some trees, and get paid for it! Our facility is located at 4950 West, or take the subway to the 4K West station and look for the Race's Acres Terminal, which will deliver you to our front door. (Please note the station is not complete as of yet)

    Over 40 DChests sold!

    Place your order today!
  2. Bagline

    Bagline Whitelisted Player

    For some reason it's annoying me that "Race's" and "Acres" are anagrams.

    maybe becuase I can't focus on anything else.
  3. Amyliz

    Amyliz Whitelisted Player

    I'm not actively looking for wood at this moment; however if you have overflow you want to sell, let me know and I'll gladly buy it off you. Although I know you're a pretty busy guy and that's an unlikely scenario ;).
  4. IamRacecaR

    IamRacecaR Whitelisted Player

    I know, it's great isn't it? My name is full of surprises. (Hint: racecar is a palindrome)
  5. msu957

    msu957 Whitelisted Player

    ill take a double chest of coal
  6. kingcam2

    kingcam2 Whitelisted Player

    What happen to my order of a double chest of coal.

    I hope you are making my order.
  7. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    I'd like to place an order:

    1x dchest of normal logs
    1x dchest of charcoal

    My "shop" (not ready yet) is located on the 2nd floor to the right of the GCU (in the North West corner). Privated chests and payment is ready.
  8. kingcam2

    kingcam2 Whitelisted Player

    What is going on with my order?

    the 3db are still sitting in the chest in my trade shop.

    I put my order in the old page.
  9. IamRacecaR

    IamRacecaR Whitelisted Player

    Oh! I was unaware that you had a tradeshop and was waiting for you to log on. Very sorry about that, but your order has been ready for a while. I'll get it to you asap.

    I went to your shop but couldn't find a chest that i had access to. Is there one there? Or am I going blind?
  10. kingcam2

    kingcam2 Whitelisted Player

    sorry my bad it there now ,it was there and i don't know why i pull it out
  11. IamRacecaR

    IamRacecaR Whitelisted Player

  12. Riflez0ne

    Riflez0ne Whitelisted Player

    Looking to buy 3 double chests of Logs as soon as possible. Just Contact me in game about the payment or I'll contact you.
  13. IamRacecaR

    IamRacecaR Whitelisted Player

    Will do, but please note that you are behind another order, and I serve in the order recieved, unless otherwise instructed.
  14. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    You can give Riflez0ne 1 dchest, then do mine, then his other 2, if you want to.
  15. IamRacecaR

    IamRacecaR Whitelisted Player

    Well that clears things up :)
  16. IamRacecaR

    IamRacecaR Whitelisted Player

    Leaf blocks added to the lineup.
  17. Billdew

    Billdew Whitelisted Player

    hey racecar im a little short on money so im probably gonna cut like 3 dchests of logs :))))
  18. IamRacecaR

    IamRacecaR Whitelisted Player

    Ok. If you could wait until tomorrow or something, that would be fantastic. The tool sheds are running low on tools and I need to make some more. Also, I want to be there to set you up and get you going.
  19. IamRacecaR

    IamRacecaR Whitelisted Player

    Ok. If you could wait until tomorrow or something, that would be fantastic. The tool sheds are running low on tools and I need to make some more. Also, I want to be there to set you up and get you going.
  20. Billdew

    Billdew Whitelisted Player

    i can help you make tools if you want. i want to sort of be your assistant
  21. IamRacecaR

    IamRacecaR Whitelisted Player

    I must warn you, being my assistant is a very demanding job. The hours are long and the pay is minimal. The last guy ended up laying all of the track from my subway terminal to my station, for free. He supplied the track himself too. You would however, get to make a house on the property, if that adds to the appeal.

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