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Re-Claiming New Venatum..

Discussion in '[BS] - Land Claiming' started by ColtonisWright, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. ColtonisWright

    ColtonisWright Whitelisted Player

    Thread Name: "Claiming Mine/Sounas'
    Land owner: Triskaidekathon
    Date of land claim: 9/17
    Coordinates of land: North of Spawn
    Why I want to claim the land: To gain full rights
    Co-Own this town, he hasn't even been on in a year:
    Is this even an issue now?
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  2. ColtonisWright

    ColtonisWright Whitelisted Player

    It's been two weeks..
  3. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    It has been 2 weeks, BUT it is a mostly complete city. Since the rules prohibit claiming cities, the only thing we can do is as a community beautify/complete some of the buildings (to what they're missing) after we finish digging Phi, digging the GC Tours Rail and finishing up Camelot's walls.

    But unless triskaidekathon or Sounas gives you the city, it will remain theirs.
  4. ColtonisWright

    ColtonisWright Whitelisted Player

    I own building rights, I talked to Sounas about this only days before putting up the claim and I want full ownership... this isn't me claiming to city just to have a city. I already co-own it.
  5. Bodydrag

    Bodydrag Whitelisted Player

    I am very sure Sounas will agree to this if he ever gets to read this thread. I am not sure if he still has any rights due to his permaban though.

    Personally I don't see the point of Triskaidekathon still claiming any rights over Venatum, since he's never actually worked on NV since he claimed ownership. His only contribution I can recall is that unfinished monstrosity next to the Parthenon, which he decided to call "The Hanging Gardens".

    So if my former quasi co-ownership of New Venatum means anything, I'd like ColtonisWright to take the City over and do something with it. I know he is capable of it, and it would be a shame to see NV rot further due to such a silly dispute over ownership, which shouldn't really exist in the first place.

    Lastly, even though the city has many finished parts, some parts are far from finished, and any improvements on those parts would certainly add to New Venatum as a complete project.
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  6. ColtonisWright

    ColtonisWright Whitelisted Player

  7. ColtonisWright

    ColtonisWright Whitelisted Player

    Yes? No? Maybe So?
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  8. ColtonisWright

    ColtonisWright Whitelisted Player

  9. Sounas

    Sounas Whitelisted Player

    Just give him the land. I obviously won't be working there and triskaidekathon (did you know that it means ''13'' in ancient Greek?) hasn't , from what i gather, been on forever.

    Do me a favour though Coltonis and abandon the gridstyle of roads. It looks horrible and no ancient/old city ever had such a roadplan.
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  10. featherblade2

    featherblade2 Whitelisted Player

    So TVB has taught you well ;).
  11. Togeh

    Togeh Whitelisted Player

    Enjoy :)

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