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Re: The Future of Build Sever!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Kooj, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Kooj

    Kooj Whitelisted Player

    I'd first like to thank Kane for the update of Build Server to 1.3.1. The additions of mobs on Build 2 and enchanting have added a much needed breath of fresh air. It has brought back old whitelisters (including myself) and garnered some renewed interest in the server. I believe we can keep the ball rolling and further attract more traffic to Godcraft.

    The following aren't so much my suggestions, as Kane has already stated them in his Future of Build Server! post. I am only trying to reiterate and isolate a few key points.

    1.) The addition of Grays - It's no secret that the numbers of new members paying to join Godcraft are withering. At times, the Build Server is nothing more than a monument to a forgotten past. Allowing people on the Build Server for free would help to resurge the population. Of course, their permissions would be limited, making them no more than tourists (no block placing, limited chat functions, no nether access). Word of this would spread fast and be a great marketing device for the server. There's even the chance of those who will be so impressed that they will pay the $10 to leave their own mark. The Build Server has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    2.) PvP Zones - GCA has it's own designated PvP areas. With the removal of the PvP Server, Build Server could use a few of its own. Imagine the fields of the Colosseum or Destrox Stadium transformed into a battlefield. PvP zones would be the one exception where grays can have access to building and battling privileges.

    3) Advertising - If we can get the previous points in place, I think we will have a strong pull for new players. Hitting up every major Minecraft forum should become a top priority (for whitelisted members, not just Kane). I'm also interested in filming a new video for the server to emphasize our newly "open borders." One quick, concentrated push should be enough to attract multitudes of curious Minecraft players.

    Please please please like and comment (feels like a YouTube video tag :D) to show your support and/or opinions.
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  2. ElectroBot

    ElectroBot Head Moderator Staff Member

    No "subscribe"? (not a youtube video I guess)

    The greys don't even need build permissions in the pvp zones (would only need it for spleef).
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  3. ot0_m0t0

    ot0_m0t0 Whitelisted Player

    Well my friends and I just had a IRL meeting about our next build and it seems its going to be really special. Heck, we are getting more of our friends from eve to help build this thing. I would like to get my timelapse-camera-character access to build se we can advertize this thing on you tube later.
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  4. Piekiller

    Piekiller Whitelisted Player

    Completely agree

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