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Discussion in '[BS] - Projects' started by asiekierka, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. asiekierka

    asiekierka Whitelisted Player


    We're a group of people devoted to creating redstone machinery on Godcraft (like calculators, computers, password-protected doors, etc...).

    We can be hired to secure houses, create devices and the like if you need us!

    We'd also like redstone donations! If you don't need them, give it to us as we will probably find 100000 uses for it :geek:

    Coming soon! Sign up here.

    Application form:
    Nickname on Minecraft:
    Your estimated knowledge of logic gates:
    Your estimated knowledge of building:
    Why should we pick you?:
    How nerdy are you?:

    - you have to be geeky
    - you have to know what logic gates are
    - you have to know at least the basic redstone stuff
    - if you want to, please make your primary home be in the Redlabs HQ

    Member levelship:
    :ugeek: - True Nerd, highly devoted to Redlabs and experienced in either redstone machinery or binary stuff
    :geek: - Nerd, one who has helped in projects
    ;) - Member
    :eek: - Builder! One who doesn't do redstone but builds awesome stuff for decoration
    :D - Donator, one who is not a member but donated/plans to donate redstone! Removed if donation doesn't happen.

    :ugeek: asiekierka
    :geek: Lunariz
    ;) NobodyAkagi
    ;) Ethan_Boyle
    ;) Mancon123
    ;) pm0303
    ;) chrismack
    ;) Erupyon
    ;) RunningDingos
    ;) Collman
    ;) Joshkidd
    ;) Whitefire95
    :eek: m4w11
    :D Darth_Furder (confirmed)
    :D killersullo (confirmed)
    :D Lablear (confirmed)
    :D Wickerchimp2
    :D xZach

    - Claim land
    - Dig out entire land
    - Make base HQ (underground part)
    - Add password protection
    - Make roof for base HQ
    * Make aboveground HQ part
    * Make it possible to get a tour of Redlabs... for reddust!

    * - somewhere around this part we actually start doing stuff
  2. Wickerchimp2

    Wickerchimp2 Whitelisted Player

    I've got a lot of redstone in my mine, approx 3 stacks so ill let ya have that when you set up a base of operations :) (awsum idea btw, especially to help people who have no idea how redstone works (like me))
  3. Lablear

    Lablear Whitelisted Player

    I will be giving you guys the redstone i find =)
  4. Lunariz

    Lunariz Whitelisted Player

    I am excellent at geekification =D
    Nickname on Minecraft: Lunariz
    Timezone: GMT+1 (Netherlands)
    Your estimated knowledge of logic gates: Everything, xept I don't understand flip-flops. I can easily make door systems, single-button-toggles and stuff.
    Your estimated knowledge of building: I place block.
    Why should we pick you?: 'cos I know how to make stuff, it might take some time to make it right, but I'll get it right eventually.
    How nerdy are you?: Here in Holland, I take the highest Mathematics course possible in highschool, as well as physics, chemistry and all that stuff. I have the ultimate pack of nerdiness. And I am PROUD.

    I'd honestly love to have a house in or near redlabs, perhaps it would be a good idea to have 1 giant group-lab (for us all to work and experiment together) and smaller personal labs, so we may try our thoughts before putting 'em in.
  5. asiekierka

    asiekierka Whitelisted Player

    Good idea! You're in. (We're south-east from spawn)

    EDIT: Every builder, member, geek and uber geek gets an aboveground lot in the aboveground of Redlabs, which he can use to his will. (Members+ get bigger lots for redstone experimentation.)
  6. Ethan_Boyle

    Ethan_Boyle Whitelisted Player

    Already Digging as we speak.
  7. Ethan_Boyle

    Ethan_Boyle Whitelisted Player

    Me and Running Dingos Have done this
    Hope you like it so far
  8. pm0303

    pm0303 Whitelisted Player

    Nickname on Minecraft: Pm0303
    Timezone:GMT -4 hours
    Your estimated knowledge of logic gates: medium, i can build door circuits and stuff real easy i dont understand flip-flops or latches
    Your estimated knowledge of building: lots
    Why should we pick you?: i am really interested in red stone testing and really want to learn more about it, and im willing to try hard
    How nerdy are you?: not really nerdy but i like the challenge of red stone circuits

    I am mostly applying to learn more about how more complicated red stone circuits work.

    Suggestion: we could also have meeting where we talk about our recent discoveries with eachother.
  9. asiekierka

    asiekierka Whitelisted Player

    Good idea! You're, of course, in!
  10. xZach

    xZach Whitelisted Player

    I'll donate all my redstone here :)
  11. NobodyAkagi

    NobodyAkagi Whitelisted Player

    we need daily updated picture of the site
  12. chrismack

    chrismack Whitelisted Player

    am i still part of the redlabs and also can you tell me where the hq is

    Ps I am making a button lock so people can't see the password/code when you have left. You will also be able to leave the door unlocked once you put the code in or lock it again at a push of a button
  13. m4w11

    m4w11 Whitelisted Player

    I succeded in making a two switch combination and some blinking lights.
    im getting better at this stuff :D
  14. Ethan_Boyle

    Ethan_Boyle Whitelisted Player

    asiekierka, You really need to put something up for us to do, Do a quick sketch of what you want us to do in paint, Right now we are all stumped in what to do, do this quick or ill go off all go to my land.
  15. ToastEater

    ToastEater Whitelisted Player

    Nickname on Minecraft: Toast_Eater
    Timezone: +1
    Your estimated knowledge of logic gates: advanced
    Your estimated knowledge of building: advanced
    Why should we pick you?: because I'm interested in helping out and maybe learn more about redstone dust capabilities
    How nerdy are you?: true nerd :ugeek:
  16. asiekierka

    asiekierka Whitelisted Player

    I'm sorry!

    I was off (parent issues) and couldnt get on until now!!!

    Guys, look, the only thing we currently need is:
    1) covering the site's top with cobblestone,
    2) finding more redstone!
  17. Ethan_Boyle

    Ethan_Boyle Whitelisted Player

    But can we have more than that, we need like heaps of stuff to do while your not here.
  18. asiekierka

    asiekierka Whitelisted Player

    Well for now it's just that, then there's the weekend and I'll personally design the member houses (if the site's roof is layed out with cobble)
  19. chrismack

    chrismack Whitelisted Player

    Nickname on Minecraft: chrismack
    Timezone: gmt
    Your estimated knowledge of logic gates: advanced
    Your estimated knowledge of building: advanced
    Why should we pick you?: because I'm i am very good at raping my head around new techniques. i also know a fair bit about how each logic gate works and what i can make with the gates
    How nerdy are you?: nerd
  20. asiekierka

    asiekierka Whitelisted Player

    You're in! =D

    Also killersullo donated almost 3 stacks of reddust to us, whee!

    AND we made the combolock and all... we're progressing!
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